Brink Troubleshooting Errors and Fixes

Fix all the Brink Errors, Crashes, and Freezes. Fix ATI Graphics Bugs, Increase Performance and enhance FPS with this Brink troubleshooting guide

Brink (PC) has just been released and seems like there are few issues that need Splash Damage’s attention. I won’t whine about these issues rather talk about how you can fix these and experience smooth gameplay. In this Brink Troubleshooting Guide, I have explained how you can fix general errors, crashes and other problems.

Brink Troubleshooting Errors and Fixes

Most importantly how to Fix ATI performance issues, and how to tweak the game for best performance and increase your FPS.

Note. Use all thread’ cvars workarounds with caution, they may negatively impact the performance of the game.
1# Brink (PC) ATI Driver HotFix
First turn on in-game console. For this go to your steam library and find brink. Right click and choose properties. The on the General tab select SET LAUNCH OPTIONS and add this.

+com_allowconsole 1

Start up brink and open the console with tilde key, and type ‘r_shadows 0’ without quotes.

After this tweak. Download and install the latest ATI HotFix Drivers.

2# Brink Multiplayer Servers Not Responding, Connection Issues and Server Joining Problem
Forward these ports and you will be able to connect to servers just fine.

UDP/TCP 27015, 27016 and 8766

How to Port Forward

Detailed Guide on how you can forward your ports for all the multiplayer games.
Note: May not work for all routers but will provide a basic outline on how you should go about forwarding your ports.

Step 1
Go to the “Run” in start menu and type “cmd” (without quotes) and click OK. See Example

Step 2

Next a black window will pop up. Type “ipconfig” (without quotes) and hit enter.

Step 3
List of words and numbers will pop up. You will only need the Default Gateway IP Address and the IPv4 Address IP Adress.
Default Gateway
IPv4 Address

Step 4
Open your web browser and type the Default Gateway IP address in the address of your web browser and hit enter.

Step 5
For the user name type in “admin” (without quotes) and the password you either leave blank or type in “password” (without quotes) or “admin”. You can use to check more about your router.

Step 6
After logging in, on the right you should see an option for Port Forwarding/Port Triggering. Click it.

Step 7
Now click on “Add service” and you should see a few fields like service name, service type, starting port, ending port and server IP address.

Service Name: Add any name you want.
Service Type: Leave as is TCP/UDP
Starting Port: Put 27015
Ending Port: Put 27016
Server IP Address: Put the IPv4 Address in.

Step 8
After that hit apply and then add another service, but in the starting and ending port fields put “8766”.

Go Play!

3# Brink – Blue Screen of Death Fix
This issue has been fixed with the latest patch but if still persists, you can do the following workaround.
Delete the generated folder from ‘\…\Users\#user#\AppData\Local\splash damage\brink\base\’.

4# Brink – Crash at Desktop/Start Up
First off, make sure you aren’t missing any file. Verify the integrity of the game cache in Steam. Once it’s done. Try to launch the game, it still doesn’t resolve disable tripple buffering.

5# OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver
Make sure you have updated the game to latest patch. If the issue still persists follow the workaround below. You can also try to lower the resolution.

Go to your BRINK profile (or use the global profile) in the nVidia driver panel and set “Power Management Mode” from “adaptive” to “prefer maximum performance”.

6# Brink Error creating game rendering context
If on start up you are receiving “Error creating game rendering context”, and the only option you have is to quit. If you are using nVidia card, Disable Triple Buffering and If you are using ATI card, try the hotfix above.

7# Brink – No Sound/ Sound Issues
If you are experiencing any of these two Sound issues:
1. All the sound disappears, except for ambient environmental sounds (radio music, machinery, thunder, etc.). The sounds often play fine when the next map loads.
2. All/most sound plays, but the volume levels for different sounds aren’t quite right (e.g. grenades being quieter)

The issue is usually solved when the game loads a different map (or possibly when reloading the same map when disconnecting and then reconnecting back into the same server).

8# Brink – Low FPS and Performance
Install the latest ATI hotfix pr nVidia Updated Drivers which address these issues.
Disable Motion Blue.
Disable Shadows.
Disable Triple Buffering.
Optimize the game for multi cores using this console tweak:
seta r_useThreadedRenderer “2”

11# Brink – Grid Effect and Blue Tinted Screen
This issue is associated with people running the game on ATI video card. Refer to ATI Fix to resolve this issue.

12# How to Skip Intro Movies
Simply rename your assets folder.


13# How to Change FOV
In the console type ui_fov XX. Where XX is your FOV; default (and lowest) is 70.

14# Temporary Fix For 30 FPS Lock in Brink Singleplayer
Go into Steam tools, and install the dedicated server. Once you’ve setup the Brink Dedicated Server, Create a Config file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\brink dedicated server\base to start the campaign mode, or challenge map.

[Sample config.cfg] si_rules sdGameRulesCampaign
applyServerConfig Standard
spawnServer mp/aquarium
campaign set campaign_resistance
g_password password [[CHANGE THIS]] net_serverAllowHijacking 0
si_playMode 1
si_onlineMode 2
si_needpass 1
si_maxRank 4
si_botDifficulty 2[End Sample]

Once the file is created, launch Brink, then alt-tab out, launch the server using brink_ded.bat, and in the console use “exec config.cfg”

Go back into brink, join your server, either via LAN, or direct connect, enter the password from above, and enjoy.

15# Sound Causes Game Stuttering
As suggested above, Install and Update DirectX drivers to resolve this issue.

16# Brink Low FPS – 30 FPS Lock
In singleplayer games, Brink by default caps the FPS to 30. If you want to experience the smoother gameplay, try the tweak in #14.

17# Brink Multiplayer PC Lag Fix
Disable Ambient Occlusion and it will resolve this issue. If you are using an ATI Video card, try the Drivers HotFix listed above. Brink has recently released an update which addresses this issue, you may want to try that as well.

18# Brink Server Browser Lag Fix
Browse to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata and search for:


Delete it! to fix server browser lag.

19# The OpenGL driver doesn’t support
Update your video cards drivers, and run DirectX.

If you face any other issues, let us know and we will try to help you out. Please do provide feedback to the devs on official forum so they can investigate these issues further.

Word by Developer – Lead Tester ‘Crispy’ from Splash Damage
For the most up-to-date information and our word on which workarounds are recommended, please visit the Splash Damage Tech Support forums where we are engaging with the community to investigate issues and feedback advice.

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