Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Kema Kosassa Shrine Guide

Kema Kosassa Shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild is a Gerudu Region Shrine that sets you in a fight with Guardian Scout IV. Unlike other ...

Kema Kosassa Shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild is a Gerudu Region Shrine that sets you in a fight with Guardian Scout IV. Unlike other shrines, you can access it right after reaching the location without solving any puzzles or defeating enemies.

Once you defeat the Guardian, the gate to the Monk will open. Speak to the Monk, and the Shrine will be completed. This Zelda BOTW guide aims to help you in your fight with Guardian Scout IV.

How to find Kema Kosassa shrine

Kema Kosassa in Zelda BOTW is an ancient Gerudo Region Shrine. However, unlike other Shrines in Zelda BOTW, this Shrine doesn’t require you to do any effort to access it.

The Shrine is located in the Gerudo Highlands in Risoka Snowfield. To find this Shrine go to Mount Agaat and head towards the center. You will find Kema Kosassa Shrine hidden behind the slope in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

As you reach the location, you will find the Kema Kosassa shrine in front, and you can enter it without any obstacles.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Kema Kosassa shrine walkthrough

Kema Kosassa Shrine has a unique trial in Zelda BOTW. This Shrine will put you in a one-to-one encounter with Guardian Scout IV instead of giving you any puzzles.

The Guardian Scout IV you will face in this Shrine has 3000 HP and is armed with a spear, sword, and axe. All these weapons can deal you significant damage. Therefore, having different health options with you is better as you go into this Shrine in Zelda BOTW.

The battle in this Shrine occurs in shallow water; therefore, you can always use Cryonis to make ice pillars. After creating them, you only need to plan a movement so that the Guardian Scout IV hits himself in the ice pillar. These ice pillars will stun Guardian in Zelda BOTW for some time. This will be the time when you can deal the most damage.

As the battle begins, the Guardian Scout will launch a laser attack on you. Dodge the attack, and right after it, attack the Guardian with a Flurry Rush in Zelda Breath of the Wild. This attack takes most of the Guardian’s health, leaves it vulnerable, and makes the battle easier.

While attacking the Gaurdian, try to attack its eye, as this will make it stun for some time. Also, its eyes are its main strength through which it shoots lasers.

After Flury Rush, you can use Cryonisis to create the ice blocks. As soon as the Guardian hits these blocks, he will be stunned. This gives you some advantage, and you can deal the maximum damage.

Deal with the tiny Guardian

When the Guardian’s health is reduced to less than half, it will also be reduced to a tiny guardian who can perform powerful laser attacks. When you see any such thing happening, you should take a few steps back, glide, get over the Guardian, and perform the sword attack.

In the end, when the shrine Guardian in Zelda BOTW is about to die, it will perform one final attack, hoping to knock you down. Here it will charge up and perform four laser attacks consecutively. Be careful, and dodging these attacks, run towards it and slash it.

Once you have defeated the Guardian, collect a silver rupee from the chest and speak to Monk. The Monk will give you a spirit orb to complete the Kema Kosassa Shrine in Zelda BOTW.