Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Kayra Mah Shrine Guide

Kayra Mah Shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild, also called "Secret of Hero," is an ancient Eldin Region Shrine. To access this shrine, you ...

Kayra Mah Shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild, also called “Secret of Hero,” is an ancient Eldin Region Shrine. To access this shrine, you first have to complete a quest. After completing the quest, you will find the shrine in the Gorok Tunnel.

Accessing the Kayra Mah Shrine in Zelda BOTW is tedious and requires you to go to multiple locations. It is pretty simple, and you only need to climb a steep ramp.

Kayra Mah Shrine location

To access the Kayra Mah shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild, first, you must complete A Brother’s Roast quest. After that, you can speak to Bladon to start the shrine.

A Brother’s Roast quest

As you go to Gorok Tunnel to begin Kayra Mah Shrine, you will find that stones will block the Tunnel, and you won’t be able to enter this. After seeing this, you need to speak about this with Bladon, a brother of Gonguron who excavates this Tunnel.

Gonguron in Zelda BOTW is a Goron Island resident who went on the search for the “Secret of Hero” but then went missing. The quest “A Brother Roast” will begin as you speak with Bladon. In this quest, Bladon will ask you to find Gonguron and bring him to Bladon.

To do so, head towards the Gorok Tunnel in Zelda Breath of the Wild. The best way to reach the Tunnel is first to reach Gorok Hot Springs and then take a path with running cart rails on both sides.

As you enter the Tunnel, you will find that Gonguron is out of health, so he can’t excavate the Tunnel further to reveal the Shrine and find the “Secret of Hero.”

After interacting with Gonguron, Bladon will appear for a few seconds and tell you to bring Rock Roast. This is the second part, where you will find the Rock Roast and bring it back to Bladon, which he will cook. As the Gongorun eats it, he will heal and begin the excavation again.

To find Rock Roast in Zelda Breath of the Wild, head to Gortram Cliff, and once you find it go back to Bladon and give it to him. Bladon then will cook a delicious meal out of it. As Gonguron eats it, his health will be restored, and he will restart excavation.

As Gonguron mines away the tunnel wall, Zelda BOTW Kayra Mah Shrine will be revealed.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Kayra Mah shrine walkthrough

In Zelda BOTW, completing Kayra Mah Shrine is way easier and takes less time than accessing this Shrine. Once you have accessed the Shrine, you will find an inclined slope as you enter it. The Shrine is simple, and all you need to do is to reach the top of this steep ramp.

As you start climbing, large boulders and small spikes will roll down towards you, dealing you huge damage, and some of the boulders can even knock you down. Fortunately, three paths are going upward, and one will always be clear.

Therefore, the Zelda BOTW Kayra Mah Shrine is about being vigilant and choosing the correct path. Keep looking ahead and take a path you think will be clear. However, if an unexpected boulder on a path gets tougher as you climb, you can use Magnesis or Stasis on it.

The Shrine has two chests for you. One is located at the very start of the steep ramp and contains a ruby. For the second one, look towards the left as you reach the top of the ramp. There you will find a ledge, and a chest is placed over it.

You can get the Paraglide to reach that ledge and open the chest, which will reward you with Bomb Arrows. Once you reach the top of the ramp, you can speak to the Monk. Monk will give you a Spirit Orb, and Kayra Mah Shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild will be completed.