How To Climb Faron Tower In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

In Zelda Breath of the Wild, Faron Tower is a climbable location that gives you a breathtaking lookout. Doing so is tricky. Here is how to do it!

Faron Tower in Zelda: Breath of the Wild is near the Floria River across the Sarjon woods. Climbing the Faron Tower is pretty hard as there are no platforms that assist you. Link, as he explores the world of Zelda, has to face various challenges. These challenges may be enemies or the tough terrain which requires a large stamina. In this case, the challenge is to climb the Zelda Breath of the Wild Faron Tower.

On reaching the top of the Faron Tower, Link can unlock the map for the whole Faron region by simply inserting the Sheikah Slate. 

Zelda BOTW Faron Tower location 

Faron Tower in Zelda BOTW is located near the Floria River in the location highlighted in the map below. 

To reach this location, start by activating the Lake Tower and then follow the roadway path that you can see on the map above. Proceed on the path until you arrive at a fork. From there turn left into the Faron Woods.  

After this, again go along the path and you will reach the Sarjon Bridge in Zelda BOTW. There’s a high chance that you will encounter some Bakoblins here so it’s better to hide yourself in the grass. Pass through the place quickly instead of fighting. But if push comes to shove, be prepared to fight. 

After you cross this bridge, another fork will be in the road. Turn left from here and you will be able to see Foran’s Tower base. However, in the area, you will encounter some enemies including a powerful Thunder Wizrobe that can summon lightning strikes. Take it out with ranged attacks, and then use a paraglider to reach the other side of the cliff near the Foran’s Tower base. 

How to climb Faron Tower in Zelda Breath of the Wild

There are various methods to reach the top of the Faron Tower in Zelda BOTW, one of which is scaling the tower. This requires you to have a lot of stamina therefore make sure that you have an extended stamina gauge as you decide to climb the tower. Also, you must have food with you to restore your stamina when you are halfway up. 

The other method is backtracking. Go left from the cliff where we paraglided to reach the tower base across the cliff. This is fairly a long method as you need to climb up rocks and then as you reach the top of those rocks paraglide to the top of Faron Tower. After this, you’ll need to climb up a little bit as paragliding won’t be able to take you to the top.  

However, in this guide, we will discuss another method using which you can reach the top of Faron Tower in Zelda BOTW which is by using Octo Balloons. This is the simplest and easiest way to do so. First, head south from the tower’s base and collect Octo Balloons if you don’t already have these balloons.  

You will reach a stone-walled pit where you can collect the Octo Balloons. Then go back to the tower base and look for a huge rock with a flat top. This rock is the one responsible for not letting the updraft reach you. With an Octo Balloon, jump over this huge rock and it will release an updraft. 

As the rock releases the updraft, you must make maximum use of it. Pressing “X” two times in the updraft will help you go up. This will only boost you up to a certain extent after which you will need to climb up. From here, use your stamina and climb the tower. After a little climb, you will reach the top of Faron Tower in Zelda BOTW.