Could A Bravely Second Sequel Be In The Works At Square Enix?

A Bravely Second sequel may be in the works and close to announcement, according to a post on the official Bravely Default Twitter page.

A recent tweet from the official Bravely Default Twitter page has brought up the possibility that a Bravely Second sequel may be coming soon. The tweet included a commemorative piece of artwork, along with a teased hint at “something new” coming soon, though there hasn’t been any other information.

Bravely Default first exploded onto the Nintendo handheld scene back in 2012 when the first game came out on the Nintendo 3DS. Since then, the game has had a number of expanded editions and spin-offs, and one sequel called Bravely Second, but since Bravely Second was released news has been scarce on any other games like it.

The possibility of a Bravely Third game could be announced sometime soon, especially since there’s at least one event where the game could be announced, such as the Nintendo Direct that might be coming up later this month. While that Direct, if it happens, may end up being dedicated solely to the Nintendo NX, Nintendo may only spend a few minutes out of the half-hour long presentation to talk about upcoming games, of which Bravely Third may be a part.

Both Bravely Default and Bravely Second have been some immensely successful games, with the first game selling over a million copies worldwide, while Bravely Second was the highest-selling game on a Nintendo platform and, during its release week, was the highest-selling game in Japan.

If a Bravely Second sequel does come out, hopefully it will continue the rest of the series’s stellar sales and good reviews as it goes, but we won’t hear anything about it until Square Enix either announces something or a new Bravely game is announced on a new Nintendo Direct.

If a Nintendo Direct is coming this month, we might hear something about a Bravely Second sequel if Nintendo and Square Enix really are ready to announce one, but in the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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