Bravely Default 2 Vale of Sighs Walkthrough

In this walkthrough for the Vale of Sighs in Bravely Default 2’s prologue, we’ll go through the entire area and cover all the enemies and chests!

In this walkthrough for the Vale of Sighs in Bravely Default 2’s prologue, we’ll go through the entire area and cover all the enemies and chests so that you don’t miss a single thing! Let’s get into it!

Bravely Default 2 Vale of Sighs

The Vale of Sighs is the last area that you go through in the prologue portion of Bravely Default 2. I would suggest you be at around level 5 in order to get through the Vale of Sighs easily.

Enemy encounters

Here is the list of all the enemies that you are going to face in the Vale of Sighs in Bravely Default II and their type and weaknesses as well:

Name Type Weakness
Roc Beast Thunder, Bow
Ahriman Demon Light, Bow
Asp Demon Light, Staff
Aqua Element Spirit Thunder, Staff
Hecatoncheir Demon Ice, Axe

Vale of Sighs Walkthrough

When you enter the Vale of Sighs area in Bravely Default II, you will face consecutive battles with enemies, and the enemies will start glowing in blue when the consecutive battles happen.

After you are done with the consecutive battles, keep going forward on the cliff side, and as you go towards the north, you will be in a fork soon because there will be two paths from here on. One will be going upwards, and the other downwards.

First, go up and you will find a chest with 3x Ahriman inside. You will also face a small ambush, so be on your toes! When you defeat all the enemies, you will also get Kukri that the enemies drop. Now go the downward path while you face even more enemies on the way.

Keep an eye for a chest on the left side, and you will find 3x Mini Ether inside. Keep moving forward and you will get to the new save point as well as a dungeon portal. Next, you will face a huge enemy which looks like Ashura but with a huge body and more HP than a regular enemy.

You will also get a chest from behind the enemy with a tent inside. Now get back to the save point and go in the other direction to find a chest down the slope with 4x Throwing Knives inside.

Keep going down the sloping path and you will get a cutscene with Sir Sloan. After the scene, you will also get a new save point and a portal when you Watch the Party chat.

Now I recommend you save the game as the boss fight is coming soon, heal yourself up and then keep moving ahead on the slope.

If you go on top of the cliff, you will find Sir Sloan’s wife’s grave. Go through the cutscenes here and then go through the slope’s east path that you missed to get to the top. Here you will go through a few more cutscenes and then the boss fight will start.

Horten Boss Fight

We recommend a vanguard and a shield for this fight, along with a long sword. Horten is a humanoid with weaknesses to Earth, Long Sword and Bow. Bosses and enemies in Bravely Default 2 are usually good with counters; they will counter any and all kinds of attacks and even status ailments.

Horten is good with physical attack counters, but the counters are very random, where Horten will sometimes counter your attacks and sometimes won’t. If he counters your attack, it will deal you 450 damage.

The answer to this counter from Horten is that you must have mages, either 2 black mages or one white and one black. Horten does not counter magic, so you can easily go all out with magic.

I recommend you use the long sword to do lots of damage to him at once and then heal yourself and repeat the process. Horten’s attack “Strong Strike” deals 300 damage while the “Tortoise Kick” also does almost the same damage.

“Firebird” is his signature attack where he can do around 250 damage to a default character. This attack is stronger than all others because it lowers the character’s fire resistance, and the next consequent firebird attack can be much more deadly at a respectable damage of 506.

Once you are done with this tough boss fight, you will get the new asterisk called “Monk,” one of the best in the game. This character is very agile, strong and purely physical fighter and can inflict critical damage. The best weapon for this character is staff.

After this first boss fight of the game, you will see some cutscene where the final boss called “Adam” will come and you will try to fight him but will die immediately. This is the final boss of the game, and you don’t have to fight him right now.

After the cutscene, you will go through the opening credits of the game and then go to the third path on the slope, and you will leave the Vale of Sighs which will conclude your prologue of Bravely Default II.