Bravely Default 2 Shirley Boss Guide

Shirley is an optional boss fight in Bravely Default 2 and it takes a lot of effort to take this...

Shirley is an optional boss fight in Bravely Default 2 and it takes a lot of effort to take this Vixen down. This Bravely Default 2 boss guide covers everything about Shirley, including her moveset and how to defeat her.

Bravely Default 2 Shirley Boss

Shirley is the owner of Gambler Asterisk and hence is a very unpredictable opponent willing to rely on RNG in her kit. Moreover, you also need to deal with Orpheus; talk about stacked odds!

Defeating Shirley rewards you with her Gambler job Asterisk which makes it the only way to unlock the Gambler job in Bravely Default II, so it is a good fight to take on.

Let’s take a look at her abilities below.


So, the first thing that you need to know about Shirley in Bravely Default II is that she is a gambler and a very good one. There is a heavy luck/RNG element to all her abilities.

Odds or Even
She will deal damage and if the rolled number is even, you will get double damage.

Elemental Wheel
Deals elemental damage that targets once before looping.

High Roller
Used during the 2nd Phase, High Roller deals massive physical damage.

How to Defeat Shirley and Unlock Gambler Job

As you start, clear the two guards at first. If you have the Square One skill, you can use it to clear buff from everyone and you will only have Shirley and Orpheus to deal with.

Next, keep Defaulting and heal your White Mage regularly to keep the team healthy. Gather enough BP to deal Orpheus your hardest strikes.

Keep striking him until he is out. It would be further smooth if you use Seth as a thief with Godspeed Strike and then Monk as a sub-job.

Once Orpheus is down, you can focus all your strikes on Shirley. However, you will need to stay aware of her High Roller when her health is low. Also, keep an eye on her BP and healing, and attack only when you have a proper spot for it.

Defeating her finally will reward you with her Gambler Job Asterisk so one of your own characters can play as the Gambler job in Bravely Default II.