Bravely Default 2 Prince Castor Boss Guide

Our Bravely Default 2 Prince Castor Boss guide takes a dig into all that you need to know about the Prince Castor Boss in Bravely Default 2, including his moves and tips to come out on top of the face-off against him.

Bravely Default 2 Prince Castor Boss

In Bravely Default II Prince Castor is actually the holder of the Berserker Asterisk.

Being a Berserker, he can use his abilities to overcome your Default command, leaving you no option but to resort to your defense buffs.

Our guide below will tell you everything about Prince Castor.

So, let’s begin!

Prince Castor’s Attacks
These are the moves that you will see Prince Castor perform throughout the fight:

  • Vent Fury – Prince Castor goes Berserk.
  • Crescent Moon – all targets are damaged (1 BP).
  • Shell Split – a deadly attack that reduces your physical defense.
  • Water Damage – heavy water damage is dealt with by the target.

Fighting Strategy for Prince Castor Boss
As apparent from the aforementioned set of attacks, Prince Castor can deal quite a bit of damage.

Therefore, it is recommended that you have a Vanguard in your team that you’ll use as bait to waste all of his single target attacks.

Also, if possible, equip each one of the characters in your team with Iron Bangles and Water Talismans so that you can reduce the intensity of his water damage attack.

Furthermore, the key to winning this battle is to keep luring Prince Castor with any of your tanks and heal yourself whenever your HP is down.

Keep attacking him constantly, instead of Defaulting with the rest of the team to stock up BP, and you will ultimately take him down.

Aside from that, you can make things easier for yourself by poisoning or freezing him.

For poisoning, Black Mages will get the job done. As for freezing, you have Beastmasters who use the Cait Sith to capture beasts for the process.

With a combination of Poison and Freeze, Prince Castor will have nowhere to hide.

He has a hefty HP so keep some pots ready and remain patient. However, don’t use spells and melt his freezing point status.