How to Get Monstrous Medley in Bravely Default 2

The Monstrous Medley is the ultimate Monster Treat in Bravely Default 2. While not as specific as regular treats, its ability to lure monsters of all types is really valuable. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get your hands on Monstrous Medleys’ in Bravely Default 2.

How to Get Monstrous Medley in Bravely Default 2

These monstrous medley treats in Bravely Default II will ensure that you lure each and every single type of monster. This feature makes this game mode the best out of others.

Monstrous Medley Locations

There are different ways to get the Monstrous Medley item in Bravely Default II. You will get it as a reward item in your side quest, which is random. So if your goal is to get Monstrous medley only, this method is not suited as it’s very inconsistent.

A lot of Monstrous Medleys are dropped by Jormungandr, a rare monster that you will encounter late in the game.

You will have to locate him and make sure that you are leveled up enough to actually stand victorious in this deadly fight. Even after that, it’s not guaranteed that the monster will drop what you need.

To farm Monstrous Medley from Jormungandr, what you need to do is first Get 8 thief gloves. You can find the first one in the dungeon, while others can be bought from the shop in Rimedhal. Make sure all your party members equip the gloves.

Next, make sure every character has a high-level thief and Beastmaster job (around 8-10). Also, equip the Magpie and spearhead Passive ability and give a spear to every party member.

Having done all the above, you need to fight the rare monster and steal the medleys from him.

The last and the easiest way requires you to be at the 7th chapter of the game, where you can visit Mag Mell’s shop and buy pretty much anything you want, which also includes the Monster Medleys.

Using the Monstrous Medley

Now we know how to get the Monstrous Medley, let’s talk about how to use one.

When the treat is used and you are in a battle, you will see the monsters’ wave charging at you. These monsters will also have a heart hovering above their head.

After one wave is completely defeated, the next one will be ready to encounter you. In this way, one after another, different waves will keep charging at you. This is great for Exp, jp, and item farming.