Bravely Default 2 Money Farming Guide

In this Bravely Default 2 Money Farming Guide, we will tell you all the ways you can get your hands on huge amounts of pg, the money in Bravely Default 2.

Bravely Default 2 Money Farming

There are many ways that can help you fast the money farming process in Bravely Default II. Below are the different ways that you can use to farm more pg in Bravely Default II:

Equip Gambler’s More Money Ability
The amount of pg that you obtain from battles is increased by 10%. This means that when you win a battle, you will get more pg than usual.

This card can be equipped for every character so that there is a 10% increase in money gained from each character.

Change Character’s Class to Gambler
With the gambler class equipped, you have a chance to get 15 times the amount of pg you get after winning a battle.

This natural specialty is called “All or Nothing”. Gambler class proves very useful for those who want to maximize the amount of pg they get.

Sell Collectible Resources
Defeating monsters will give you resources that you can collect and sell for money.

Each monster will drop a rare or ultra-rare collectible that will sell for a lot of money.

Use these collectibles to make a quick pg.

Equipping Forage will make the monsters drop extra items when you defeat them.

Among these items will be Collectible resources.

Equipping Forage on all of the four characters will increase the chances of monsters dropping extra collectibles.

Defeat Enemies When Roaming
When you’re roaming and face any enemies in your way, defeat them to get some EXP and pg.

You will get more money from defeating enemies as you progress further in the campaign.

Cut Grass to Earn Money
This might be an inefficient method to earn money, but you can chop grass to get some cash.

You will either get no money or a huge amount of pg from chopping down grass.

These are all of the different ways you can earn more money in Bravely Default 2.