Bravely Default 2 Martha Boss Guide

This guide will cover the basic mechanisms of the boss fight with Martha in Bravely Default 2 and will surely lead you to victory!

The Boss Fight with Martha in Bravely Default II is exciting yet straightforward at the same time. Though it might seem odd to encounter such a simple boss fight so late into the game, it is a fun experience. This Bravely Default 2 Martha Boss guide will cover the basic mechanisms of the boss fight with her.

Bravely Default 2 Martha Boss

The mechanisms and physics involved in fighting with Martha are easy to understand. The basic principle that you need to follow is to attack her till she is down.

Though it might sound simple, still you shouldn’t underestimate her hard-hitting capabilities. You may also want to defend yourself from her sudden Soul Crush attacks.

Martha’s abilities

There are two major abilities that you need to watch out for; these are Soul Crush and Jump abilities.

Soul Crush
This ability allows you to cause a great deal of damage to one target and drain its MP as well. This ability also allows you to tackle any damaging skills.

Soul Crush is one of Martha’s most excellent tools as it drains out the MP pool of any character entirely. She can easily tackle her enemies with this move if they target her head with damaging abilities.

Martha will jump towards the sky, which will inflict a massive amount of damage with a late turn.


The Soul Crush ability doesn’t activate all the time, so you can keep an eye out for these instances and attack her when you get the chance. Moreover, Martha is also weak towards the fire; you can use Black Mage, and Red Mage as a sub job can act as a wonderful Dual Specialty.

These spells will throw one free spell after one cast. Martha’s defense will not be activated by the time this spell hits. Red Mage is exceptionally impactful, and if it is well equipped, Reg Mage will help you inflict 3500 to 4000 damage with each Firaga.

Useful Attacks to defeat Martha

The recommended attacks to deal with Martha are the ones that don’t require much MP. These attacks may include Gambler, Salve-Maker or the Beastmaster.

The Beastmaster move helps you capture Skeletons to unleash their Flesh Flayer attack, which can cause damage up to 9999. Moreover, Berserkers also causes a massive amount of damage with the usage of HP instead of MP. Remember to heal each time you use these attacks.

Staying consistent with your attacks is critical while dealing with Martha; she is a relatively weak boss. The fight will be over quickly, and you will be able to acquire your Dragoon Asterisk and head on your exciting journey to the icy continent.

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