Bravely Default 2 Galahad Boss Guide

In this Bravely Default 2 Galahad Boss guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about beating the Shieldmaster boss.

Galahad the Shieldmaster is one of the many bosses you will encounter in Bravely Default II. He is a beefy fortress of a man and will seem really daunting. But don’t worry! In this Bravely Default 2 Galahad Boss guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about beating the boss Galahad.

Bravely Default 2 Galahad Boss

When Galahad first attacks you at Elvis’s homeland in Bravely Default II, you’re meant to be beaten in the fight. However, you will again face this boss at the top of the Treetop Tower.

Now let’s talk about what you can expect in the fight and how you can take down Galahad the Shieldmaster!

Galahad’s Abilities

Blinding Flash
This move will apply the blind status effect/ailment to all characters.

Personal Protection
This move blocks the attacks on other party members and protects them.

With this attack, 50% of the damage is taken back to the attacker. It’s his counterattack.

Weighty Blow
This move is a single target heavy damage dealer.

This move reduces crit chances on Galahad by 25%.

Picto Demons
The reason why Galahad is one of the toughest Bosses is that besides his annoying abilities, he has Picto Demons by his side. Galahad also has his own special demon, which is called Picto Mona. This is a tough one to beat.

Galahad’s Weaknesses

The Weaknesses of Galahad the Shieldmaster include the Daggers, Light, and Staff. So, keeping them in mind, you are advised to bring the Jobs that are most efficient in using these attacks.

Don’t use Earth, Bow, Spear, and Swords against the Galahad since he is highly defensive and these moves will not be of any use against him.

You’ve faced some of the Picto Demons from the previous fights and they will have the same strengths and Weaknesses.

The special demon of Galahad, Mona, is weak against Swords, Staff, and Light. Mona is completely immune against the Water, Fire, Thunder, Dagger, Axes, and Spear.

You have to first take down the Mona who is the healer of this party and can be very dangerous. You have to face the single targets in the battle. mona is weak against swords, so add a Vanguard in your party so you can get rid of her using the Cross Clash.

Next, take out the Beleth, who is the spellcaster of the party. Kill him using the same method as you used before for killing that. Now take on the Amrita and get rid of it so you can focus on taking out the Galahad.

Boss Strategy

You have to grind his HP down since he is a very tough enemy. Keep in mind the Galahad weaknesses, or use a Monk so you can use the Bare-Knuckle Brawler ability for great damage. Hit him hard using the Monk each time so you can get rid of him easily.

Add Lily and Roddy as an extra team member so that Lily can Paralyze Galahad and Roddy for healing. You can take advantage of their abilities whenever possible. Use a healer for staying at full health as much as possible to prevent yourself from getting killed.

You can have a maxed-out Black Mage for dealing with the Picto Demons. When they are at level 12, their second specialty gets active, and they can hit everyone like they don’t exist.

You can also carry Ethers if you are dragging the fight too long.  You can also use other tactics for defeating that boss

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