Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Perfect Timing Challenge Guide

In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Perfect Timing Challenge requires you to activate three Electric Forcefield Pads in Outlands Canyon.

Successfully activating all three Electric Forcefield Pads will net your five Badasss Rank and a Secret Treasure Chest containing unique loot.

For the reference of this guide, I’m starting from the building in which we’re trying to get in! Look directly below the building in which you’re trying to get to find the first Electric Forcefield Pad.

For the second pad, go across the camp with Oxygen/Vehicle and travel towards the Tork nest. In this area, you’ll come across another O2 station with another pad located right next to it.

In order to get to the last pad, travel to the left side after activating the second pad, and you’ll come across another Oxygen station among Tork nests.

From this area, go up the incline and find the last Electric Forcefield Pad near the building and another Oxygen station. RandomGuy7 has compiled a nice little video demonstrating the exact locations of all pads.

You can check out the video for better reference!

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