Borderlands: Pre-Sequel Iwajira and Nel Boss Locations, How to Find

Where to find Iwajira and Nel secret bosses in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Aside from main bosses and mini-bosses in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, there are a couple of secret bosses that you can encounter in the game. At the time of writing this, I’ve discovered only two secret bosses and their locations can be found below!

Iwajira Secret Boss
Where to Find: Serenity’s Waste

To get to this boss, you need to stick to the right side as soon as you come out of Springs’ Base. Continue on the right path and climb a ledge ahead.

Climb the ledge and cross the large pipe to come across another ledge on the left side. Climb this ledge on the left side and drop down on a small platform above the lava.

Continue on the small alleyway and drop down to come to the boss area.

Do note that Iwajira is a Level-30 [Level-52 in TVHM] who will drop several Purple/Blue loot with ‘The Thingy’ Rocket Launcher.

Nel Secret Boss
Where to Find: Regolith Range
To get to this boss, you need to insult him twice which requires 2 pieces of some kind of billboard – one with a ‘D’ and one with a ‘K’.

Nel is found in Regolith Range, and in order to find him, you need to scale the tall building right in front of him to the very top. Once you’ve acquired both ‘D’ and ‘K’ from top of the building, place them in the correct positions at the base of the building to insult Nel.

Do note that there are chances that Nel will drop Skullmasher. For more Nel’s more accurate position, check out this video guide provided by Jon-The-Cheif.

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