Borderlands 3 What Love Remains Walkthrough

We have prepared this walkthrough for Borderlands 3 What Love Remains quest for the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck...

We have prepared this walkthrough for Borderlands 3 What Love Remains quest for the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC, giving a complete account of all the encounters and to dos in this mission.

Borderlands 3 What Love Remains

As the mission starts, you will be in the middle of the map. Head through the opening to the southeast and interact with the two guys near the jewel.

Get to the shining aroma in your front then to get into the Sapphire’s Run area. Go straight there and go through the lobby turning right.

‘She’ will be there on the next cliff but you won’t be able to get there due to the space between both areas.

Maya will speak then and a bridge will appear for you to cross the broken area. Go ahead quickly through the bridge.

A cut scene will be played then where the Locomobius train will pass through between both of you and Maya will disappear after that.

Pick up the dropped book of Maya from where she was standing a while ago. Get into the tunnel then and slide through it.

Go ahead straight and you will get into a fast travel circle. There will be a weapon crate where you re-spawn.

Head back through the circle then and turn left where a new bridge will be formed to take you across to the next area.

Head straight through the train track from here and you will start getting attacked. Deal with the enemies as you go ahead and be as fast as possible.

Go ahead towards the higher cliff from here to interact with the green-lighted units and destroy the incoming enemies.

Once you climb up the highest cliff by going through the bridges being spawned, you will face a lot of enemies.

Deal with the enemies and then go ahead straight and then to the left. Go straight through this route and you will face even harsher enemy forces.

Climb up through the stairs there and deal with all the enemies surrounding the area.

The commanding voice will order you to find a way to switch the tracks so that you can move forwards up the area which is right in front of you.

The switch is right by the door of the building behind the parked train. Go through the same train track and turn right from where you need to climb up the yellow splash painted roof to get to the next area.

Turn right once you climb through the roof to the higher area and then turn right to find the explosives.

Take the explosives and install then behind the parked train. There will be a huge barrel hanging above the train.

Shoot the barrel so it falls onto the train in order to push it off to somewhere in the space.

Go ahead straight through that track and turn right towards a cave. Get in there and you will see it opens into a tunnel.

Head left through the tunnel and deal with the enemies in this new area. Go ahead straight and climb through the stairs to get to the Shattered Depot.

From here, take the stairs to the right and go ahead where the passage leads. Turn right from there and go ahead where the map ends so that you can make further way to ahead.

As you move ahead, you will see a light shining on a small floating piece. Jump into that light to be tossed up high into the air towards the next area.

Go ahead straight through the train track and a fast travel circle will appear. Go through it to be spawned into a desert location.

Go ahead and climb the cliff to the left to make your way through some floating tiles. Jump carefully through them and destroy all the shining lights far away.

Get back to the beginning of this desert then and go ahead straight instead of climbing the cliff to the left.

Turn right where you will the dead end and make your way through the narrow opening in the stones.

The green lantern will appear here again so interact with it to make a bridge appear. Pass through the bridge and you will be welcomed by several enemies.

Deal with the enemies and go ahead straight to make another bridge appear which takes you to the higher cliff.

Climb it up and go ahead straight where the passage takes you. As you go ahead and turn left, you will see Maya’s book lying on the lower floor. Pick it up and go ahead.

Make your way around the area while dealing with the enemies who are in an excruciating abundance.

You will have to deal with two waves of enemies here. Once you have dealt with them, pick up Maya’s book beneath the fast travel floating in the air and then jump into it.

You will now spawn again in the previous location of deserted train tracks. Go ahead straight then and keep using your map to navigate your way around.

Go ahead and turn left. Climb up the colourful train from here and go straight over it.

Once the train lobbies end, climb down and turn left where you see a huge machinery floating ahead. Deal with the enemies here and then get back.

Head straight from there and then jump down into the underground area and then again move forward.

Finally, jump onto the tossing light and you will be tossed towards the area ahead of you.

Finally, you will find Maya there. Talk to her and then your fight against the Locomobius train will start.

Locomobius Boss Fight

This fight is against the train that has been excruciating you since the beginning of the Borderlands 3 What Love Remains mission.

Locomobius is basically a train. Yes, you read it right. It is a train that kidnapped Maya and you will have to save her from it.

It will be found in the Sapphire’s Run area of the DLC. Most of the level is about saving Maya from the boss and fighting Locomobius.

It will start appearing right from the start of the level and you will have to dodge it as you will not be able to fight it before you get to the end of the zone.

When you get to the end of the zone, there you will find Maya and then you will be able to fight with locomobius.

It will appear flying in the air above you and will stop for a while and throw some minions before disappearing again.

It is fast and appears with an obvious train horn sound. It appears through some portal and then again disappear in the portal.

It will try to run you down by exiting very fast through the portal, keep an eye for the rail track as it indicates where the train will be.

Other than that, it is pretty simple and you just have to shoot it down. Corrosive damage works the best against Locomobius so make sure you’re carrying weapons with the corrosive damage type.

Once you have dealt with Locomobius in the Psycho Krieg DLC, go after Maya through the bright doors and the rest is pretty clear from that point onwards.