Borderlands 3 Weapon Trinkets Guide – How to Use Trinkets, Where to Find Them

Check out our guide to weapon trinkets in Borderlands 3, a new customization option added in the game to make your guns look cooler

Borderlands 3 is filled to the brim with customization options for your character, vehicles as well as weapons. One of those options is the ability to add Weapon Trinkets to your weapons in Borderlands 3 and this guide will show you how.

BL3 Weapon Trinkets

Weapon Trinkets are exactly what they show you, trinkets for your weapons. All they do is hang on the side of your gun and make it look cooler. Yes, there are no new abilities or skills or any kind of other benefits that the trinkets are going to provide you with.

Trinkets are set in the game to make your game look a bit more fun. Because they provide you with no other purpose, that is why they take no space in your inventory.

You are probably the only one who is going to see it on your gun anyway. When you have them and you want to choose them, you can go to your main inventory and pick the trinkets for your weapons from there.

Here is the list of available trinkets:

  • Goodnight Kiss
  • Splorghuld the flesh slayer
  • Action Axton
  • Hoops Dreams
  • Super general Claptrap
  • Ellie’s power flower
  • Sign of the Hawk
  • Beast Bowl
  • Anarchic
  • Guardian’s Lament
  • H marks the spot
  • Cloak and Swagger
  • Jack’s off
  • Dedication to capitalism

There is no condition that you can put only one trinket on one gun. You can put the same trinket on multiple weapons at the same time. This shows that the trinkets you get are not of limited amount.

You have to pick the trinkets while keeping in mind that there is no added benefit that they are going to provide you with other than making your gun look a little cooler for your own eyes.

I would suggest to not leave them because of them being utterly useless as they take no space in your general inventory, so what’s the issue in collecting them and using them anyway.