Borderlands 3 The Party Out of Space Walkthrough

Here is a complete walkthrough of the main mission The Party Out of Space in Borderlands 3 Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC. The Party Out of Space is the very first mission of the newly released Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC for the game and as such is pretty straightforward.

Borderlands 3 The Party Out of Space

So the mission starts with you being in Sanctuary. Go straight ahead from here and take the staircase ahead. Turn left and then right where the huge steel gate will automatically open for you.

Go straight from here and select the destination to travel in the space ship. Once it stops. Go back and again through another steel gate. Take a left from here and go down the staircase. Go straight ahead from here through another steel gate.

Take a right downwards and go straight. Turn right and go down the stairs. Go straight and take another right. There will be an arrow mark with the tag ‘Skittermaw Basin’. Use it to trigger a cut scene.

You will now be on a frozen island. Go straight and kill the animals that appear. After all its Guns, Love and Tentacles! Go straight and turn left towards a lower ground.

Open the chests that appear onto your left. Head forward from here and you will witness a huge blast. Some more animals will be awoken here which you should kill first before you move further ahead.

Explore the surrounding until you come across a fire bone. When you reach there, a cut scene will trigger. Go ahead and there will be some crazy dudes fighting all around will guns and throwables. Make sure you use the whole variety of your inventory to deal with this lethal wave.

Once you have dealt with them, Gaige will start talking to you. Follow her from this point. She will be assisting you in dealing with the animals and other enemies ahead.

There are also some ammo and medical vending machines for you as you go ahead. She will then take you to a Fast travel station. Down the station are some chests and boxes for you to loot.

Go to the other side of the station and there will be some massive strange eggs spawning animals. There is also a chest beside the first one. This area will be a hub of such creatures, so fight your way out of them and go ahead forward.

As you go ahead, there will be a generator that you actually need to start in order to activate the fast travel station. But before you can do this, you will have to deal with another wave of creatures all around the generator.

Go ahead and shoot all the marked points on the generator. Find the power breaker beside the generator then, and toggle it up. On your way back to the fast travel station, shoot the hooks from the huge machinery high in the sky.

Two more creatures will spawn here which will be immune to the bullets, so use your special gun for then. Go ahead then and climb the ladder back to the fast travel station.

From here, Gaige will take you to ‘The Lodge’ through fast travel.