Borderlands 3 Skittermaw Basin Crew Challenges Guide

If you are a completionist and want to finish every crew challenge in Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC of Borderlands 3, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will give you Borderlands 3 Skittermaw Basin Crew Challenges locations and instructions on how to complete them.

After riding down on the drop pod, Skittermaw Basin is the first location where you will land. Number of items can be collected from here like other locations. This guide is to make it easy for you to collect the items located here quickly and easily.

Borderlands 3 Skittermaw Basin Crew Challenges

There are two crew challenges in total on the Skittermaw Basin map which are:

  • Hammerlocks Occult Hunt: Yeti
  • Gaige’s Gift: Umbergist Village

To find the collectible items easily we have provided the location of each on the map and in-game in order. Use it to reach the final point easily. Continue reading ahead to know about each of the locations more.

Hammerlocks Occult Hunt: Yeti


Borderlands 3 Skittermaw Basin Crew Challenges

The first challenge location is for the Hammerlock Occult Hunt. Just like previous crew challenges this also like one of them where we need to find legendary animals. This time the target is Legendary Yeti.

You can locate this Yeti in area which is known as Nethes Mines. The mines will be opened for you once you have completed the Case of Wainright Jakobs story mission. In order to complete this challenge, you have to go at the place mentioned above in the map and defeat this legendary animal (Yeti).

Gaige’s Gift: Umbergist Village

The second location for Skittermaw Basin’s crew challenges has a Gaige’s Gift. This collectible can be obtained in the location known as Umbergist Village. Once you are in this village you need to head towards the topmost northern area.

Here you will need to climb through number of cliffs and climb a ladder. Once you have done that, on top of you there will be lumber piece which you need to reach.

To reach there walk along the cliffs until you see a crate with a board placed on it. With the help of that board reach to the upper portion of the cliff where the present is.

Note: In order to complete this challenge you have to first Rescue Gaige and reach The Lodge, otherwise the gifts will not appear.

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