Borderlands 3 The Call of Gythian Walkthrough

Borderlands 3 has a brand new DLC named Guns, Love, and Tentacles. We have prepared a complete walkthrough of Borderlands...

Borderlands 3 has a brand new DLC named Guns, Love, and Tentacles. We have prepared a complete walkthrough of Borderlands 3 The Call of Gythian mission which serves as the final main mission of the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC.

In The Call of Gythian, you have to rescue Wainwright and Hammerlock from their marriage to Eleanor.  We will go over the different enemies and boss fights you will face, all the while providing some useful tips to keep in mind when proceeding onward.

Borderlands 3 The Call of Gythian

Head to the Lodge and talk to Gaige there. She will tell you to see Claptrap since he’s got something for you.  He will then give you the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge to help you in the fight against those creepy weirdos.  You will encounter several different foes during this quest so make sure to have at least one fire, corrosive, and shock weapon in your loadout to combat them.

Go to Cursehaven
Gaige will then tell you she thinks the cult has Wainwright and Hammerlock at the venue so you must head to Cursehaven and then meet with her there. Simply run straight ahead and then cross the bridge to your right to rendezvous with Gaige and Deathtrap.

Enter Heart’s Desire
You must now battle a bunch of enemies as you make your way towards the gates of the Heart’s Desire. You will mainly encounter Khel Vods during the first fight but luckily your allies will make sure that this encounter ends quickly.

Once they’re dealt with, keep following Gaige until you have to fight even more enemies ahead. She will inform you that there is a wedding present around so you must scope it out and secure the area. Deal with the foes and then follow Gaige again.

You will eventually reach the Bleak Terrace. There you will face an even bigger onslaught of enemies so you better have a bunch of ammo and weaponry ready. The fight will get hectic but with the help of your allies, you should face relatively little trouble.

Defend Deathtrap
Once the enemies are dead, you will finally be able to proceed to the force field that is shielding the gates of the Heart’s Desire. Just give Deathtrap the signal and he will start hitting it with a laser.

More enemies will spawn while he’s doing that so you’ll have to defend Deathtrap and take them out. Once they’re all dead, the force field will finally be down.

Draining the force field will have depleted Deathtrap’s batteries so you will have to proceed on your own as Gaige stays behind with him.  Proceed forward through the gate and enter the Heart’s Desire.

Reach the monster’s heart
Travel deeper into the mansion while fighting off a bunch of enemies that will try to hinder your progress.  You must keep your distance from them while shooting. Especially from the Ascendant Grown as his attacks deal a lot of damage to you.  If you see a Revived Skrit heading your way then you should get away fast since it will explode when it’s in close proximity of you.

Once they’re dealt with, proceed towards the marker.  Along the way, be sure stop and loot the chests you come across for weapons and cash. You will even find a room filled with collectibles.

This includes an ECHO log titled The Heart Still Beats (Part 3). Take what you can and then proceed forwards.

You will enter a giant room with a stairwell where enemies will spawn from all directions. Have your corrosive ammo read and start blasting at them while running around as much as you can. Once they’re dealt with, loot all the chests around the area before heading to the Council of the Banded.  Take out the foes there and if needed, collect the guns dropped around the room.

Find the Secret Passage
Head upstairs towards the marker and you will spot writing on a board. It says “The heat still beats, the heat still bleeds.”  The head on the wall is next to it but it is missing an antler.

Open the boxes in the room to find it and return it to the mount. Be ready to shoot down the head because it will start attacking you as soon as you do this.

Take out the beast and then enter the hole in the wall behind it to reach Vincent’s office. There is a live grenade on top of one of the drawers on Vincent’s table so get away if you open the drawers.

You can collect a lot of loot from the chests and then push the button in the drawer to start descending to the lower level.

Kill Tom & Xam
Head down and you will encounter two enemies known as Tom and Xam.  They will hit you with strong melee attacks and throw objects at you so keep your distance and shoot at them with automatic weapons. Each of them controls different elements, so you should either swap weapons or a neutral one. Once they’re down, you should loot the area around you for weapons.

You will then have to shoot and match the columns with the pattern found on the small terminal.  The correct solution to this puzzle is:

  • Left: Crow/Watch
  • Right: Water/Tentacle

This will open up pathway for you to continue further down. Take out the enemies you encounter along the way while bursting through the barriers blocking the path forward.

You must keep moving as you will be surrounded by enemies and it is really easy to become overwhelmed at this point. Be sure to loot as much as you can whenever you get a break from the fighting.

Once you’ve reached the area with the elevator and secured it, you must head to the second level.

Once you’re up there, you will start hearing the wedding vows being recited by Wainwright. You will be attacked by a swarm of enemies but the ones that will be the most irritating are the Floating Krich. They will often draw your attention away from other foes by shooting slow projectiles towards you. Avoid them and shoot them down before focusing fire on the other enemies.

Defeat Eleanor and the Heart
Once you’ve made your way through the area and defeated all the enemies you encounter, it is time for a boss fight. Stock up on weapons and ammo from the loot around you before dropping down to the arena.

At first, you will only have to battle Eleanor as she floats around. She’s not a fast-moving target who is moving around a lot so just use your weapons to shoot at her while maintaining distance.

Once she has taken enough damage, she will take a minute to recover while you are left to fight the Heart and its tentacles.

If you find yourself underneath them then you will get hit by a slam attack so do not go there for cover. The tentacles also do a sweep attack that knocks you down.

You can damage the heart by using your aggro on the pink crystals protruding from its body. Avoid getting hit by keeping yourself positioned between the tentacles. Jump over the sweep attack to avoid it.

During the final phase of the fight, Eleanor and the heart will attack you together. Avoid Eleanor’s attacks and focus your fire on the crystals since it’s the fasted way to end the fight. After a while you will defeat them both.

Speak with Hammerlock and Wainwright after the fight and you will have successfully completed “The Call of Gythian.” You will get this achievement right after the cutscene ends.