Borderlands 3 Eleanor and The Heart Boss Guide

The new DLC in the Borderlands 3 is GLT (Guns, Love and Tentacles) and the final boss for this one is Eleanor and The Heart. This is not a very complicated boss but you will have to keep some things in mind to get over this fight and win. In this Borderlands 3 Eleanor and The Heart Boss guide, we will help you with those key points on how you can easily defeat this boss, so let’s get started.

Borderlands 3 Eleanor and The Heart Boss

So you will get the objective in the mission ‘The Call of Gythian’ to destroy Gythian’s heart and in order to do so, you will also have to fight Eleanor.

The Eleanor boss fight in Borderlands 3 will be much easier if you keep some things in mind. First of all we recommend you to be level 43 or above for this fight as it will make it much easier.

So when the fight starts we recommend the following tips

Attack First
Start attacking Eleanor at first sight in an instance without losing any time as it will lower her health and will be a bonus for you. Always maintain a distance from her while you shoot and you will not have much trouble at aiming as she does not move much so shoot her constantly.

Shoot the Crystals
You will fight heart and its tentacles as well when Eleanor takes a break and when you fight heart you will see some pink crystals coming out of the body of heart, this is what you need to focus on. Shoot with everything you have on those crystals and this will reduce lots of heart’s health.

Lookout for Tentacles
Now the other most damaging thing after Eleanor is the tentacles coming out from the heart, so we recommend you to stay in the spaces in between those tentacles.

If you go under the tentacle, then you will be more at the risk of taking damage as they slam down and will take lots of your health.

Also another important thing is that heart will sweep the floor with tentacle after every few minutes so make sure you jump when that happens to stay safe from taking damage.

The Last Resort
At the very end of the fight when Eleanor and the heart ha very less health left, they will start sharing the health so now we recommend you to keep shooting on the crystals as they take the most damage out of all the things so you will be able to take out both enemies more quickly if you focus on the crystals.

Other than all of the above-mentioned tricks you just need to keep dodging Eleanor’s attacks and you will be just fine.