Borderlands 3 Targets of Opportunity Guide – Target Locations, How to Find

Targets of Opportunity are part of the optional challenges you can complete on every planet in Borderlands 3. For these, you basically have to search for a unique enemy and then defeat it. In this guide, we have mentioned all the three possible Targets for you to hunt and defeat.

Borderlands 3 Targets of Opportunity Locations

Defeating these targets is required to complete the challenges of every planet and thus earns you a lot of experience points and customization for your vehicles.

Baron Noggin – Meridian Metroplex
meridian metroplex

Go to the small arena on the far left side of the map. A boss will spawn as soon as you reach here and this is your target. Defeat the boss to complete the challenge.

Handsome Jackie – Skywell-27

Reach the platforms on the surface of the moon and search for the target in the area shown in the screenshot.


Judge Hightower – Lectra City
lectra city

This will be in a small arena before you fight the boss. An enemy will spawn when you enter this arena.

Sky Bullies – Eden-6

This Target Location is found in Eden-6: The Anvil

Heckle and Hyde – Jakob’s Estate

This Target Location is found in Eden-6: Jakobs Estate. Go to the location shown on the map to face Heckle and Hyde.

Psychobillies – Ambermire

Defeat the psychobillies in the Ambermire swamps on Eden-6 to complete the challenge

Hot Karl – Devil’s Razor

You will find a ladder nearby the point that is shown on the map, climb it to reach the top of the hill. Go straight ahead to encounter a couple of enemies and then eventually, Hot Karl.

DJ Deadsk4g – The Splinterlands


Head into the Rave Cave on Splinterlands in Pandora to encounter a bunch of enemies, fight through them to get to DJ Deadsk4g.

Crushjaw – Cathedral of the Twin Gods

cathedral of the twin gods

You can encounter Crushjaw at the point shown on the map. Maintain your distance and shoot while jumping around to avoid incoming damage.

Sylestro and Atomic – Tazendeer Ruins

Located in the Tazendeer Ruins on Nekrotafeyo, reach the location shown on the map to fight these easy targets.

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