Borderlands 3 Release Date Set For Next Year?

Borderlands 3 has been shy of any release date for long enough now. Conferences and tech events did not discuss the release of the game either. Gearbox Software could now finally be looking towards the Borderlands 3 release next year.

A new source has hinted at the release of the game through a Youtube video. The Triple S League channel has drawn the attention towards localization of the game. This would mean that developers are preparing the game various languages. This goes on to show that the Borderlands 3 release is being planned for different countries.

Localization process of a game starts only when its development is being finalized. So, it points towards the Borderlands 3 release is closer than it seems. The game has been in concluding steps of development for months now. Gearbox Software might be already done with completing the game.

An announcement could well be in works as of now by the developers. Also, earlier statements from Strauss Zelnick about the game’s release show signs as well. Zelnick indicated that the launch might be somewhere between Take-Two’s 2020 fiscal year. As the game is almost completed that release could come in 2019.

The Borderlands 3 release could have been in works all this time and the announcement could come in soon. The most appropriate time for the launch date of Borderlands 3 could be at the Game Awards later in the year. The game has been discussed on multiple occasions but the official announcement was never made. Gearbox probably wants to keep the game under wraps until it’s close to the release date.

Finally, the release of the game would not stretch to 2020 anymore. The teaser of the game answered our prayers before. Now the release announcement with the much-needed improvements will cheer up the fans once again.

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