Borderlands 3 to Release This October According to a Fan Theory

Borderlands 3 has been officially announced and it’s expected release date is October 1, 2019, according to fan theory. However, the official release date is yet to be revealed by Gearbox so take it all with a grain of salt.

This theory comes from a Redditor named Zottelpanda who says the game will release on October 1, 2019. He’s taking the hint from the numbers seen on the building which can be found at 1:41 and 1:52 marks in the latest trailer of Borderlands 3.

He writes:

The release date is hidden in the trailer. on the timemark 1:39 you can see a big white building in the background. On 1:52 you see that there’s a 10 on this building.
Now on 1:41 you can see a 01 on one of the skyscrappers. both are the same font.
So on the timemark 1:39 you see the Building with the 10 and on 1:41 you can see the 01 on the skyscrapper. there is nothing in between those two scenes.

These both marks show us two different numbers (01 and 10) written with white lettering on the top of two different buildings.

This either means that the game will release on January 10 or October 1. Personally, we think that October 1 seems more like an actual release date as it will also mark the 10th anniversary of original Borderlands game. It’s also going to be Tuesday which is when most companies release their new titles.

It’s possible since the game’s development looks finished. Don’t take it as a source of truth until we get to hear an official release date from the developer.

Gearbox has promised to reveal new information about Borderlands 3 on April 3rd which is when we can expect to know about the game’s release date. Let’s just hope that the game releases this year but if it doesn’t, we are ready to wait for it until 2020.

As for the game, it was announced recently by Gearbox Software at PAX EAST 2019. It’s going to be the biggest entry in the series as the story takes place across different planets. It’s also going to leave Borderlands 2 behind by bringing more than one billion weapons.

The trailer shows us a total of 4 new vault hunters and one of them apparently looks like a robot. There are also returning characters to the game including Claptrap, Brick, Lilith, grown Tiny Tina and the Rhys who comes from the Tales of Borderlands game.

Those who can’t wait can play original Borderlands 1 once again as it releases on April 3rd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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