Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Obsidian Forest Crew Challenges Guide

This Borderlands 3 Obsidian Forest Crew Challenges guide will help players complete all the challenges in the Obsidian Forest area of Bounty of Blood DLC.

Borderlands 3 Obsidian Forest Crew Challenges

Tackling these Obsidian Forest crew challenges in Bounty of Blood DLC of BL3 will reward players with a ton of XP and great loot so it is worth attempting them.

Creature Feature
This Challenge enemy is found right after the train leaves the Area so it is pretty hard to miss.

Gehennas Most Wanted
A little while after the bit with the train leaving you can find your target in the area. Be careful as the fight isn’t that hard but the target does dig underground and has some allies.

Good Prospects
This is the chest that you can find right after you blow up a hole in the tunnel to look for a shortcut, you can spot it on the bottom left of the area once you get on to the bridge ahead of you.

Satos Saga #1
Right at this spot located right at the corner is the first Satos Saga

Satos Saga #2
After you clear the shortcut with the bomb in the area. Jump off the side of the bridge and down below you will find the saga.

Satos Cache
After you have found the two Satos Sagas, near the train station and next to the vending machines the cache can be found.

Skin To Win #1
A blood trail will lead you right to it, once you progress to the train and beyond it into the cave at the 2nd bomb site for the first Skin to Win challenge.

Skin To Win #2
This is the second one. This will be an enemy, Lasodactyl, that can fly.

Skin To Win #3
Right after doing the main mission with the bugs part, you can find and hunt this creature, although it is pretty strong so you need to be cautious.

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