Borderlands 3 Level Up Fast Guide – How to Level Up Fast, Best Leveling Builds

Our Borderlands 3 Level Up Fast Guide will help you learn about some easy leveling tricks and early leveling builds to get you upto speed.

Borderlands 3 grants you a decent amount of experience and money for most of the activities you do in the game. It’s not that hard to level up but it is going to take quite some time. However, if you’re looking to level up as fast as possible, you have will have to use all the tips and tricks you’re about to read in this Borderlands 3 Guide.

Borderlands 3 Level Up Fast

Do remember that even if you hit the maximum level (Level 50), you can still earn experience. This experience will then go towards an infinite supply of Guardian Rank points.

Play The Campaign
The campaign will grant you the most consistent XP rewards, and bonus abilities and gear slots which will help you out a lot in your conquest. If you want to level up fast, you must not skip the campaign.

Complete The Side Quests Later
It’s a good idea to save side quests for later in the game as most of these just reward weapons and are not a good source for earning XP. The campaign should be your number one priority.

Select The Right Skills
The quickest way to gain XP and to progress through campaign mode is by mowing through your enemies, instead of getting into time-consuming battles.

For this, select the skills which will give you good movement speed, coupled with high damage.

Collect The Collectibles
Once you’re done with the main story, be sure to explore the maps and search for the collectibles, artifacts and class mods. Every one of these you find will grant you a decent amount of XP.

Play Multiplayer with a High-Level Buddy
A very simple way to earn tons of XP is by just playing with a friend of yours who already has a high level in the game.

The more significant the level gap is between your account and your friend’s account, the quicker you’ll unlock new skills and gain XP.

Increase The Mayhem
Borderlands 3 allows players to toggle the ‘Mayhem Mode’ any time they want. This will instantly boost the difficulty of the game, ensuring better rewards and more XP.

Keep Playing the Endgame
Once you’ve finished the main quest, the endgame content of Borderlands 3 will become available. This includes Mayhem Mode, the Proving Grounds, and the Circle of Slaughter.

The latter two of these can be played infinitely. Meaning you can just play these, again and again, to grind out XP. This can be a bit tedious, but it is a very easy way to earn XP.

Now that you know the best ways to level up fast in Borderlands 3, let’s talk about the best early-game builds of each Vault Hunter, which will help you do so.

Amara Best Leveling Build

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Amara’s skill trees with the best bonuses for leveling are the Mystical Assault and Fist of the Elements trees, especially for the first 30 levels. Hence, these trees will get all of the points.

This concept of this build is AoE damage. Some of the skills chosen will help spread your debuffs to multiple enemies at a time, allowing you to deal damage to a ton of enemies at once instead of killing them one after another.

This will farm up XP very efficiently. This build will also increase Amara’s gun damage, fire-rate and status effect duration by a considerable amount.

FL4K Best Leveling Build

With this build, basically, we’re trying to boost both FL4K’s and his pet’s damage and critical hits as much as possible.

Some skills here will also increase the amount of ammo you have, allowing you to kill even more enemies.

Plus, some skills here will grant more survivability so you can stay on the battlefield longer and farm XP.

Most of the points in this build will go towards the Hunter tree as it has the most options for boosting damage.

This is a straightforward build. You will be able to dish out a lot of damage while not compromising on your defense.

Moze Best Leveling Build

This build is centered around having as much ammo as possible in the game, accompanied by very high damage. You can just gun down all the enemies on the battlefield and hog up all the XP.

Of course, a lot of the points here will go towards the ‘Bottomless Mags’ skill tree.

What we’re also trying to do here is to make Moze herself deal hefty damage without completely relying on the Mech Bear.

The Mech Bear is an entity of its own. So, basically, you have two separate characters to work with at the same time.

Hence, the ‘Shield of Retribution’ skill tree will also get quite a few points, as it has a lot of straight damage increase skills.

This build is very simple. Moze’s overall damage and ammo count is boosted significantly, making this the best build to just run & gun and collect XP.

Zane Best Leveling Build

The main focus of this build will be the Hitman and Double Agent trees.

When leveling up, for your first 30 levels, you will be doing a lot of running and gunning. These trees have all the skills necessary for you to do that.

The UnderCover tree does not practically come into play until much later in the game.

All of the skills in this build synergize together very well, granting you high damage, fire rate, and movement speed that are, of course, the essentials to running and gunning.

On top of that, some of these skills also grant better survivability, so you don’t just become a glass cannon.

This build will help you mow through all the enemies on the battlefield and level up very quickly.

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