Borderlands 3 Eridium Farming Guide – Purple Crystals Farming Tips

Check out our Borderlands 3 Eridium farming guide to harvest this extremely rare alien currency in the game so you can purchase high quality stuff

Eridium is a very rare material in Borderlands 3 and this currency is used to purchase new weapons and cosmetics from Crazy Earl in the Sanctuary. We have compiled this guide with methods to help you in Eridium farming throughout Borderlands 3 so you never have a shortage of this rare currency.

Borderlands 3 Eridium Farming

Eridium usually drops from tough enemy bosses you encounter throughout the game. However, after clearing the first vault at the end of Chapter 10 you can start farming it by using an artifact that lets you melee purple crystals to gain Eridium from them.

Once you get this artifact and the ability to farm Eridium from purple crystals, you basically need to stop your progress on Beneath the Meridian mission and get to smashing rocks.

Simply run around hitting the crystals that seal the Borderlands 3 vaults chests shut. When these crystals break they will explode in the form of Eridium which you need to pick up and then restart your game.

Upon restart, players will start at the last checkpoint but they don’t have to slay a boss this time and can simply just run to the chests and keep doing the same process again.

Each Eridium farming run nets you a couple hundred Eridium so you can continue to do this till you are satisfied with how much you have earned and then proceed with the mission.

Later on in Borderlands 3, you will also find a new weapon: the Gun-Creator Gun. This gun uses Eridium as ammo and then drops tons of weapons for you to loot. So if you are interested in that RNG gamble, make sure you farm as much Eridium as possible.

Crazy Earl can also trade in your Eridium for cosmetic unlocks such as Vault Hunter skins, heads and items to decorate your room. You can also spend this rare currency on deal of the day to get some really useful weapons.

That is all we have on Eridium farming but be sure to check this page later in case we have more tips.

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