Borderlands 3 Dr Benedict Boss Guide

In this Borderlands 3 Dr Benedict Boss guide, we’ll be discussing how you can defeat him easily the using viable...

In this Borderlands 3 Dr Benedict Boss guide, we’ll be discussing how you can defeat him easily the using viable strategies we’ve outlined.

In Borderlands 3’s Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC, you’ll be visiting an area named after The Needleman himself, Benediction of Pain. Seeking out a mask, you’ll run into Dr. Benedict, a formidable opponent.

Borderlands 3 Dr Benedict Boss

Stock up on what you need and approach Benedict. You’re introduced to a horrifying cutscene where Benedict is operating on a live human subject.

To be fair, the fight’s pretty easy and Benedict doesn’t pose as much of a threat as you would think.

Following our tips below, you should easily be able to free Krieg from his mental prison and give him insight into his past.

Keep your Distance
The fight starts off with Benedict charging at you. Don’t get too close or you won’t be able to dodge any of his attacks. Shoot his shield down at first which shouldn’t take too long.

Attack Pattern
Dr. Benedict has a very predictable move-set. Most of his attacks are slow projectiles, and you should easily be able to predict their trajectory.

Keep moving side-ways, and you’ll dodge most of his attacks automatically.

The Deranged Minions
Benedict will call on his subjects to assist him in the fight. You can either choose to ignore them or take them out.

We didn’t find them extremely difficult to deal with, so we just stayed mobile and kept firing away at Benedict.

Toxic Sludge
Watch out for the toxin Benedict shoots at you. Stepping in it is going to periodically damage you. Just follow our advice, and keep moving side-ways to avoid taking any significant damage.

Energy Beam
Benedict releases a charged energy beam and channels it for a good few seconds before finally getting up close again.

The beam’s relatively easy to avoid as he takes a lot of time in turning whilst channeling; just keep movin’!

Release Krieg
Once you’ve fought off the good Doctor. Head to the start of the room and activate the terminal to finally release Krieg from his prison.

A brief cutscene follows, and you’ll have the mask required to proceed forward in the Psycho Krieg DLC.

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