Borderlands 3 Creeping Death Shotgun Guide

Check out our guide on how to get your hands on Creeping Death, one of the best legendary weapons in Borderlands 3 made by Tediore

Everyone knows that we have a ton of guns in Borderlands 3 and this list almost never ends. The best ones among these are the legendary weapons and among these good weapons we have Creeping Death, one of the best legendary shotguns in Borderlands 3. This Borderlands 3 guide will contain information in finding this weapon along with its specifications.

Borderlands 3 Creeping Death Shotgun

Made by Tediore this weapon is pretty powerful and it has the ability to shoot sticky grenades upon being discarded. Because in Borderlands Tediore makes weapons that are discarded and not reloaded. Pretty sick right? Its flavor text states “I creep across the land”. This gun screams Metallica from its name to its flavor text.

If you remember how you got the Bagarang XL then this is in no way similar to that. You cannot get this weapon from a random loot drop. You can only get Creeping Death through a specific encounter at a specific location. This is the boss fight with Aurelia Hammerlock on Eden-6, Blackbarrel. This is the place that you will have to visit to repeat the encounter.

Upon death, Aurelia might drop Creeping Death Shotgun and if she doesn’t then you will have to keep repeating this encounter. The specifications of Creeping Death are as follows:

  • Damage: 336
  • Accuracy: 79%
  • Handling: 60%
  • Reload time: 2.0s
  • Fire Rate 1.93s
  • Mag Size: 12s

Creeping Death has a 300+ splash damage radius. It consumes 2 ammo at every shot and has a 1.5x zoom.

This is all there is to know about this legendary weapon. Have fun playing with it.

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