How to Play Co-Op in Borderlands 3

Check out our guide to understand the different co-op modes in Borderlands 3 as well as how to join or invite your friends to play.

Borderlands 3 allows you to play co-op with your friends by inviting them to your party. A party can be as big as 4 players, doing main missions as well as side quests together. This guide will show you how to play co-op in the game and different types of co-op modes.

Borderlands 3 Co-op

On your title screen, you are going to notice an icon on the top right. Clicking on this icon is going to invite your friends in Borderlands 3. You can also open the pause menu and click on Social where you can select a friend and then click Invite.

Again, on the top right corner, you are going to see a setting icon. Clicking on that icon, you will be allowed to change your Group Privacy to Invite Only, Open to Public so others can join, or Local Only.

Then there is a Group Mode which allows you to change the settings to either Cooperation or Coopetition. Cooperation sets the game in a way where you are sent to fight with someone after your level is determined. Here the loot is also given a fair chance to be taken by everyone in the game.

However, your loot is only displayed on the screen for you and not your friends as they’ll see their own respective loot on their screen and you won’t be able to see that. This is due to the fact that the in-game loot depends upon what level a character is at that time.

In Coopetition, the level is not checked when you join a higher player and the loot is dropped wherever and anyone can pick it. The loot in Coopetition is more of a group thing where every member can view the loot and has to decide who takes what. This can cause an argument between players but at the same time it can be done without any discussion.

Split Screen Co-op

When playing Split Screen in BL3, also called couch co-op, you and your friend can play on the couch together with two controllers in hand. If the second controller is plugged in then the player can log in to their account or can also create a Guest Account for himself.

A player with consoles, on PS4 and Xbox One, will only be allowed to use this feature of split-screen. PC players are not provided with this feature and can only play with their friends online.

For the player to join press A/X on the controller and the player has to pick up a character if they don’t have a character already. You can continue now and start your game with your friend.

Co-op Matchmaking

For the Campaign, Circle of Slaughter, and Proving Grounds, Borderlands 3 allows you to Matchmake as well. Yes, matchmaking with random players is also a feature that BL3 is providing you with this time.

All you have to do is open the pause menu, click on the option ‘Social’ and then choose Matchmaking. You are paired up with players depending on the region that you have chosen by clinking R2/RT. Once you choose your region, you will be paired up and now you can continue with your game.

Fast Travel Feature

As you progress in the game and start unlocking zones and planets, Fast traveling becomes common. For this feature, you must open up your map and zoom out a little bit with the help of Orbit view and once done, click on the planet icon to use the fast travel feature. Fast travel in BL3 works in co-op mode too as long as none of the players are busy using vendors or going through their inventory.

Changing Co-op Mode

A fairly easy thing to do in Borderlands 3. Simply head over to the main menu to change the default selection. You can see an option called “A Pair of Gears” on the top right corner of your screen.

This option alters many In-game settings; one of which is the Group Mode. Changing the Group Mode alters the setting for your Co-op.

Now, you know all the other ways you can play with different players online