Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood: Blood From a Stone Walkthrough

In this guide, we have the complete Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood: Blood From a Stone walkthrough for this mission to show the new world and characters

Borderlands 3 has received a new DLC which has brought new missions. Blood from a Stone is the first mission of this new Bounty of Blood DLC. In this guide, we have the complete Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood: Blood From a Stone walkthrough for this mission.

Borderlands 3 Blood from a Stone

In this mission, your goal is to meet the sheriff and deal with the Devil Riders. At the start, you will spawn in Vestige. Head to the town from there. Use the marker on the map to reach there.

On your way to the town, you will meet Rose and her pet Toge. Talk to Rose and then start moving towards the town with her.

On your way, you will encounter some devils. Take them out. After you clear the area, Rose will examine the eggs nearby.

This will result in more enemies showing up which you will have to deal with.

Clear the area and then follow Rose towards the town. There will be another spot where you will have to deal with devils. Kill them and then speak to Rose.

Rose’s pet Toge will transform into Prime Abbadon. You will have to kill it. After doing that, follow Rose to the town. Rose will leave you eventually.

Now, head into the town until you reach the gate. Once you reach the gate, you will meet Titus and he will lead you to the sheriff.

In the town, head to the Saloon and ask for Sheriff’s whereabouts there. Talk to the barkeep. You will get an option to either keep talking to him or shoot out the player piano.

After that, a disturbance will start in the bar. You will need to punch Drunk William to complete the next objective of this Bounty of Blood DLC mission.

Doing so will anger some other patrons in the bar and they will start shooting at you. Punch all three of them.

The Sheriff will interfere and stop the fight. Talk to the Sheriff and follow him out of the Saloon.

While following the Sheriff, you will see another set of people arguing. Shoot the guy’s head off to disperse them. Keep following the Sheriff until you reach the Obsidian stone.

Here, you will be ambushed by many Devil Riders. Defend the obsidian stone by killing them all.

Now, move on to the market where there will be more riders to kill. After clearing the market, head back to the Sheriff.

A cutscene will load. It will show that Rose from earlier is actually the leader of the Devil Riders. She appears and defeats the sheriff in a gunslinger match.

When the cutscene ends, rush to the sheriff who will be dying. He will hand over the Sheriff’s badge to you and will ask you to pass it on to Juno. This will be the end of the Blood From a Stone mission.

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