Borderlands 3 Best Bosses to Farm Guide

Being a looter shooter, you have to grind for the best loot in Borderlands 3 and that is where our boss farm guide will help you

If you go all out in Borderlands 3 for the legendaries then you should know about the bosses that are going to be your best bet to farm as the legendaries are guaranteed with them. Just keep in mind then it is not confirmed that you are going to get these weapons right after you defeat the boss.

Borderlands 3 Best Bosses to Farm

Below is a list of bosses upon defeating whom, you are going to farm the legendary drops.

In Chapter 3: Cult Following, you are going to come across Mouthpiece in Pandora – Ascension Bluff. The ground where you will meet the boss is very dangerous as there will be speakers around everywhere, even in the pillars, and as they glow red, this means to get away from there as explosions are about to happen.

If you don’t move away from there in time then you are going to become a victim of those explosions and trust me, they will inflict a lot of damage on you.

When it comes to defeating Mouthpiece then you should know that it needs to happen mostly from the back as his front is protected by a shield. Whenever you might want to attack him, avoid the front side as you won’t be able to do any damage here.

You need to be quick to move around and attack him in order to defeat him. It doesn’t have to be immediate, but, on defeating Mouthpiece, you are going to be rewarded with a Shotgun, Mindkiller or a Gatling Gun which is an Assault Rifle.

If in case, you are unable to get it then come back for the boss and fight him until you get the weapon.

In Chapter 3: Hostile Takeover, you are going to come across Gigamind in Promethea – Meridian Metroplex Map. Gigamind is comparatively an easier boss to defeat than most, though he is also stocked up with the strategies.

Things that you need to be prepared beforehand are that he will be carrying a shield that is going to make it difficult for you to attack at him. First things first, destroy the shield. He will be using all the ranged weapons like drones and lasers that are going to be targeting you so, beware.

Once it starts to attack you with the force, you need to get behind and attack him at the red dot in order to escape from the attack as well as inflicting damage on him. Along with Gigamind’s attacks, you need to take care of the attacks of the Assault Troopers.

On defeating Gigamind, you are going to be rewarded with a Smart Gun XXL, a Corrosive SMG.

Katagawa Ball
In Chapter 8: Space Laser-Tag, you are going to come across Katawaga Ball in Promethea – Skywell-27. There are going to be three stages in the fight which include Fire Element Mode, Ice & Electric Element Mode, and the Electric Element Mode. You need to be quick to avoid any of the attacks coming out of Katagawa Ball.

The Elemental weakness of the modes is going to keep changing from Electric to Corrosive so you need to not be confused with it. The Fire Element Mode will have it send targeted fires at you and slow balls of flame.

The Ice and Electric Mode will have it shooting a laser at you and the last mode, Electric Element mode will have it shooting electricity at you. To defeat Katagawa Ball you need to have your cover on you and also need to maintain the distance when you know you can’t attack.

Upon defeating Katagawa Ball, you are going to be rewarded with an SMG, Tsunami.

The Rampager
In Chapter 10: Beneath the Meridian, you are going to come across The Rampager in Promethea – The Forgotten Basilica. Fight with him is going to be a fight in a while, which is going to give you major frustration as this boss isn’t very easy to take down.

Rampager is going to have some stages in the fight as the very time it loses 1/3 of its health, it comes back more resilient and powerful. Its mobility is very high and it leaps from places to come at you and throws energy balls. It is better to stay mostly behind him in order to attack him. Rampager is more vulnerable to the attacks on his mouth, so shoot at it.

If you have finished its 1/3 health then congratulations as it is going to have a faster movement now along with having the ability to move and attack at the same time while also causing the rocks from the ceiling to drop. And if again you have managed to decreases 1/3 of its health, be ready to watch it fly.

Defeating Rampager is going to cost you a lot of time and ammo but the drop that you get from it is worth the effort. On defeating the Rampager, you are going to receive Stuffed Quadomizer which is a Rocket Launcher.

Billy The Anointed
In Lair of the Harpy, you are going to come across Billy The Anointed in Eden-6 – Jakobs Estate. Fighting with Billy just gives you one leverage and that is that you can keep a safe distance from him which is going to save you from his attacks.

Billy has more attacks for which he needs to be near you and less long-ranged attacks. His attacks can cause a very heavy dent on your health.

He will be flashing around the ground in order to come closer to you and if he does then he might cause a ring around you which can inflict high damage over you, so you need to jump out from it as fast as you can. To know where Billy is moving you can follow the purple flash it leaves behind while moving.

All in all, the attacks that Billy has can be managed to escape easily as they are slow or at least if you are careful enough then you will understand the warnings. Keep distance and keep shooting. On defeating Billy, you are going to be getting Lead Sprinkler which is an Assault Rifle.

The Graveward
Visiting the Floating Tomb on Eden-6 is going to bring you across The Graveward. You need to avoid the corrosive balls that it sends out on your way. Then there are the beams that he sends out of his head.

The weak point of Graveward is going to be out in front of you which are the giant glowing yellow spots on his body. This will do him critical damage and is the easiest way to take him down.

You are going to be fighting the spawning minions as well. The bullet absorbing is going to be making you run for you ammo in no time. Save yourself when he charges his head back in order to puke out the acid from his mouth.

Just avoid and escape him as much as you can and keep shooting over him and once he goes down, you will be getting the Lyuda Sniper Rifle. This won’t be immediate as he drops a variety of weapons so keep farming.

Tyreen the Destroyer
In Chapter 23: Divine Retribution, you are going to come across Tyreen the Destroyer in Destroyer’s Rift. This one is not going to be an easy boss to fight as she is tough as nails but the drops make it worth it.

Your mobility is going to be the key to the fight. Whatever attack that she is coming at you with, just keep moving and you are going to be able to avoid it. She will be using her hands to summon fireballs. Her head is her weakest point but attacking it will cause her to throw laser at you so again, move.

Defeating her is going to farm you out a very powerful pistol, Queen’s Call. Its bullets ricochet into missiles and can inflict high damage on the enemies. It might take you more than one turn in order to farm the pistol out so keep going.

These are all the important bosses that you have to fight with in order to gain these legendary drops. Remember to go multiple times if you are not receiving the drops that you require as sometimes it just takes time for the boss to drop the weapon but if it is guaranteed weapon then he is going to drop it.