Borderlands 2 Weapons Manufacturers ‘Brands’

We take a look at the variety of weapons in Borderlands 2.

Talking about weapons, first Borderlands featured a variety of weapons featuring 87 “bazillion” guns. The variety was there but the distinction between the brands was not that clear.

In Borderlands 2, each manufacturer will have distinct appearance and characteristics. Following are some of the primary weaponry groups included in the highly anticipated sequel of the game.

Bandits will make their own weapons in Borderlands 2. They might not be that advanced to produce quality products but the weapons produced by them will have the largest magazines of any other manufacturer.

Weapons coming from this manufacturer will be more realistic resembling modern military weapons.

You might have remembered the typical white and yellow scheme of Claptrap’s weapons in the original Borderlands? The unique style will back in the sequel.

Vladof’s weapons have the highest fire rates among Pandora’s all other weapons. All the weapons have minigun barrels as weapon attachment and look like assault rifles as ak-47.

Interesting feature of this class is that you can use the magazine as an explosive. Players usually have habit to reload even if the magazine still has bullets in it. You can detach these magazines having bullets and throw them towards the enemy acting as explosives. Now it depends on you whether you use the complete ammo of your magazine or left some for fireworks.

Torgue weapons specialize in mass destruction. If you like to make a big impact then you are going to love these weapons. Imagine the Gunzerker wielding 2 Torgue weapons? Insane it would be.

Nothing much is known about the weapons of this brand. According to Gearbox, these are one of the sleeker options in the game. We will have to wait a little longer before the official curtain is revealed.

This class includes antique-styled rifles and guns. They may look old but the damage caused by them is un-parallel to most other weapons in the game.

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