Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett DLC Message in a Bottle Treasure Locations

Where to find all the treasure chest locations in Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett DLC for Message in a Bottle side mission

The Message in a Bottle side-quest can be activated by finding a message in a bottle. You have to find treasure chests scattered throughout your journey and some of them are really tricky to pin down. Hopefully, this Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett DLC Message in a Bottle Treasure Locations guide will help you track down every last one of them.

Borderlands 2 Message in a Bottle Treasure Locations

Location. The mission kicks off from a bottle at Rockview Rest Stop. Go to the eastern side of the town fence, you will find an alley facing towards the north, go in the alley. The chest can be found inside the yellow building with “X” painted on a garage door. There is only one shuttered door here with a green button, press the button and you will find the treasure inside.

Hayter’s Folly
Location. Make your way to the southwestern corner of the map. Jump off the bridge here and you will find some rocks you can climb around the waterfall.

Leap across the waterfall to the other side. Find a fake wall near the waterfalls in the area given in your objective. It’s on a ledge at the back of some small mushrooms and trees, look down facing the wall and examine carefully to find a bottle.  You’ll find the bottle tucked into it.

You can break this bottle and doing so reveals a secret room. Quickly finish off the enemies probably a Crystalisk inside, and look for an X in the back-left corner to find the treasure.

The Rustyards
Location. The bottle with a message is kept at the back of a board secured inside the ship’s hull.

Go to the west end of the yards sticking close to the cliffside. Keep your eyes peeled for the worn-down shacks littered with garbage. Inside one of them you will find the X. Interact with it to reveal the treasure.

Location. This mission begins after interacting with a bottle located in a palm tree, tied to a cliff near the entrance of  Wurmwater from Oasis.

Make your way towards the centre of this area. You will see a canyon leading to the center from the east. Here you will find an anchor. Near the anchor towards the left side is the X, interact with it to get the treasure.

Magnys Lighthouse
Location. You can find the bottle on a ledge near the stalker-infested tunnel at the back of Spire Town Docks. If you look closely then there’s a gap between the rock on the tunnel which gives an opening onto the ledge and near it are even more stalkers and an abandoned sand skiff wreck. Find the bottle resting near the wreck.

Find the lighthouse at the north of the map, here you will also find a tall row of rocks towards the north edge of the cliff. The rocks are impossible to climb from your current position so make your way to the top of the lighthouse.

Looking down you will see the rocks and you might have guessed what’s coming up next. Jump from the lighthouse aiming for the top of the rocks. If you make the jump you will find yourself next to the X.

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