Blur Beginners Guide – Multiplayer, Power-Ups, Upgrades, Tips and Tricks

In our Blur Beginners Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about how multiplayer works and some helpful tips and tricks.

Bizarre Creation’s Blur is an intense action racing game with online multiplayer. If you are not playing it, believe me, you’ve got to get started on this one. Use our Blur Beginners Guide to improve and test yourself against friends and foes.

Blur Beginners Guide

Practice the tracks as much as you can, it would help you in your multiplayer battles. This includes memorizing the overall length, turns, split routes, shortcuts, and the exact spawn locations of all power-ups.

This can help you in your route planning so try playing the single-player before taking on other players.

Drive Clean
When you are at the steep corner, don’t crash into the wall! Brake before the corner and take the ideal line.

Avoid Getting Hit
Well practice it, it takes reflexes.

Event Modes
There are three formats of race events in singleplayer. Each of them serves the purpose of teaching you a different skill and some are more tedious than others. Be patient with all of them and you’ll become a better racer.

You vs. 10-20 computer-controlled racers in a traditional rush to the finish line. These help you focus and improve upon your aggression and defense.

You are armed with bolts that you use to wreck AI racers that you and earn accumulate points. You’ll master this weapon after participating in this event.

For this mode, you’re on a timer so you have to collect a combination of nitro and stopwatches to extend the time. The trick is to look for the fastest lines through a given track.

How to Take the Pole Position #1
An ideal situation would be when you have somehow started upfront of the pack of cars and you are leading the race from the start.

  • Pick up the PU’s but don’t shoot them off at the pack of cars behind. Save them to avoid the incoming shunts and bolts.
  • It’s better to pass through the shocks at a slow speed rather than crashing into them.
  • Use nitro as soon as you have it, to keep the distance as much as you can.

What to Do What You Aren’t Leading the Race?

  • Drive cleanly and let others fool around each other at start, just concentrate on the race.
  • Keep you’re driving lane, and take as much as Pu’s you can.

There will be a lot of chaos, shunts, mines and incoming bolts. However, the positive side of this is that you won’t have to worry about your rear.

Remember cars ahead of you are all fighting each other so picking up the nitro and keeping the ideal racing line would do in this situation.

How to Evade
Dodge shunts with bolts, mines or a shunt. When you are at the corner with a shunt behind you, calculate the distance between you and the corner, also the distance between you and shunt.

Now don’t slow down depending on the chance you can evade the shunt which will probably crash into a wall. When you are going multiplayer with this game, it’s not easy so you got to read this to get a start-up boost as a new player.

Don’t Waste Power-Ups
Try to save power-ups, using them more efficiently and smartly, never use your repair Power up if your car only has 1 or 2 levels of damage, wait for the bar to get RED.

Another one is Barge, try not to use it on one player wait for more of players to gather and launch your Barge on them, getting more cars at a time.

Use Mirror
Like in real-time driving, you must use your mirrors all the time. If you have an enemy at your tail you must out-maneuver him and not drive in a linear path as you may do alone. Use Shunt, Mine and Bolt power-ups at that time.

Touch and Go
While drifting you can easily give a nudge to your opponent making spin-out of the path but this must be done smartly as it can spin you out rather!

Save Mines
Mines are very useful when you have used all of your power-ups. Mines can be placed on the track while they can also be fired at your opponent.

The distance at which mines can be thrown is almost six car lengths, so you must ensure that you are exactly in line behind the enemy. And if you have to launch the mines backward, use your mirror or place it near walls of sharp corners.

Power Slides
Power Slides are among many things that racers can do to unlock new items. Power slides can be made more effective using walls and other enemy cars while drifting away, you must not use brakes and try to keep on track to avoid damages.

Instead, you should opt for high-speed long power slides and use walls and cars to get stabilize your car at the end of it.

Why Ramming is Unnecessary!
It’s fun to smack your car into an enemy car thinking you have done harm. No, it doesn’t do any good rather it gives them all of your momenta, giving them a huge boost.

Avoid contact as much as you can and you will find yourself ahead most of the times.

Blur Multiplayer Tips

The game’s online multiplayer system is the main draw. Competing with other players is the ultimate way to test the skill you’ve gained while playing the single-player mode.

The 20-Person Powered Up Racing Rooms
This makes for arguably the most fun online Blur experience. The player numbers fluctuate between 11 and 18 people who are top tier racers. If you’re looking for more breathing room then visit the 10-person Skirmish Racing rooms.

They have fewer targets so it’s easier for you to win. If you’re looking for more of a challenge; a small contingent of dedicated racers populate the Hardcore Racing room.

These racers are Level 50 so this one is much less forgiving but it offers greater rewards.

Motor Mash is the mode with the largest learning curve of all modes since it requires you to finish some destructive challenges. It offers the highest rewards though.

Leveling Up
You can unlock cars by proceeding through the various Level stages. The difference between this and the Level up system in single-player is that the best cars are available first so you can unlock them quicker.

You can upgrade various aspects of your car by finishing races. Win 25 races to unlock new paint styles which will give your car a new aesthetic.

Completing 50 races in any one car allows you to fully upgrade the fan bonus and grants you an extra bar of health, and faster speed. Winning 25 races unlocks all the various paint styles, which serve an aesthetic purpose only.

Once you reach Level 50, you achieve Legend. This resets all car upgrades, challenge completions, unlocked cars, and mods. The only thing that remains unchanged is your stats.

You’re given a Legendary-rated car with a special paint job and upgraded ratings. The list of cars at this level are:

  • Legend I: ACS1 Coupé (Class D)
  • Legend II: Camaro SS (Class C)
  • Legend III: Viper ACR (Class B)
  • Legend IV: Monaro VXR (Class A)
  • Legend V: Dodge Challenger SRT8 (Class D)
  • Legend VI: Audi TTS (Class C)
  • Legend VII: Bowler Nemesis (Class B)
  • Legend VIII: Opel Astra Extreme (Class A)
  • Legend IX: BMW M3 E92 (Drift) (Class B)
  • Legend X: Mustang GT-R Concept (Class A)
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