Bloodborne Covenants Locations Guide – How to Join, Rewards

Covenants or Oaths in Bloodborne work in a very similar fashion to the ones in Dark Souls. There are much less covenants this time around, but joining them takes an extra bit of effort.

However, unlike the covenants of Dark Souls, the Bloodborne covenants grant you awesome rewards in the form of awesome weapons and great attire.

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Bloodborne Covenants Locations – How to Join

In order to join a Covenant, you need to work your way to acquire their associated Caryll Rune. When you have equipped the respective rune, you will be recognized as a part of that covenant. It is actually possible to acquire all three covenant runes, though you’ll have to do an extra bit of work for this.

To leave a covenant, simply unequip the rune and use another one. Below are the details of the Covenants, how to join them, and the associated items that you can acquire once you do.

Cainhurst Vilebloods

The Cainhurst Vilebloods are led by their queen Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods, who can be found in Cainhurst Castle. These people have used the blood to make themselves almost vampire-like.


The Cainhurst Vilebloods are condemned as heretics by the Church for their use of forbidden blood, and have formed the Executioner’s Covenant to hunt down every one of them. It is important to note that these two covenants are rivals, and summoning an Executioner member in your world will make them hostile towards you.

How to Join
This is one of the easier Covenants to join. You need to travel to Cainhurst Castle and meet Queen Annalise over there.

Joining the covenant will reward you with the Cainhurst Badge, which you can use to purchase the powerful (overpowered) Chikage and the Cainhurst Set. The rune Corruption is associated with this covenant.


The Executioners were formed by the Healing Church to hunt down the heretics of Cainhurst. They are ruthless towards the Vilebloods, and will automatically become hostile towards them even during friendly summons.

How to Join
Joining the Executioners requires a bit more work. You need to meet Alfred before the Forbidden Woods.

Complete his quest to find the last of the Vilebloods, and acquire the Unopened Summons from the room Annalise is in. Give these summons to Alfred, and then later return to where you first met him and you will find the rune required to join the covenant.

Note that if you want to join the Cainhurst Vilebloods despite doing all this, you can go back to Cainhurst before acquiring the rune to grab the Queenly Flesh from Annalise’s dead body. This will allow you to resurrect her and join the Cainhurst Vilebloods.

You’ll acquire the Wheel Hunter Badge that will allow you to purchase the Logarius Wheel and the Gold Ardeo. The rune associated with the Executioners is Radiance.

Hunter of Hunters

The Hunter of Hunters covenant seeks out all other Hunters who have spilled blood of others and attempts to annihilate them. This is a covenant that is heavily tied to PvP and Invasions.

How to Join
In order to join this covenant, you will need to complete Eileen the Crow’s questline.

The quests initiate outside the Cathedral Ward where you can find her overlooking the balcony. After opening the shortcut between Grand Cathedral and the Cathedral Ward lamp, talk to her, and she will mention hunting a ‘mark’.

Return to Hunter’s Dream after this and travel by foot from the Cathedral Ward lamp to the Tomb of Oedon by foot (the lamp will not be operational if Eileen is hunting her mark). Help Eileen kill her mark here.

After this, meet Eileen after defeating Rom and head to the Cathedral Ward lamp (by foot) to help Eileen kill another mark of hers. Eileen will then give you the Crow Hunter Badge, which will allow you to buy the associated Rune and items of the covenant.

You can use the Crow Hunter Badge to purchase the Crow Set and the Blade of Mercy. The rune associated with this covenant is Hunter.

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