Bloodborne Blood Echoes Farming Guide With Easy Farming Tips

Blood Echoes are a form of currency in Bloodborne, similar to Souls in Dark Souls. You earn Blood Echoes by killing enemies and lose all upon your character’s death.

In case you lose all your Blood Echoes, return to the location of your character’s death and retrieve the crystal orb to reacquire all your Blood Echoes.

If you cannot find the crystal orb on the location of your death, kill the enemy with glowing purple eyes to re-retrieve your lost Blood Echoes.

Bloodborne Blood Echoes Farming

Following are some farming routes using which you can farm Blood Echoes and purchase anything you desire:

Early Game Blood Echoes Farming Method
In order to farm unlimited Blood Echoes during the early game, you need to go to Central Yharnam and go through the large metal gates in front of you – note that they can only be opened from the other side.

Go down the twin stairway and head inside the house directly in front of the stairway. Once you are inside the house, kill everything including the dude sitting on a wheelchair. Go up the steps and clear the upper portion of the house as well.


Note: You need to grab everything dropped by enemies to make it even more effective.

For the next section, come out of the house (using the exit on the upper floor) and kill four enemies standing near the foggy entrance. Once this is done, go to the werewolves on the other side of the pathway and lure them to the entrance of a dark room down the steps on the left side.

You will notice that the werewolves are a tad too large to enter the dark room. You need to extend your primary weapon using L1 and kill the werewolves snarling at the door’s threshold.

Once you kill the werewolves, head back to the Hunter’s Dream and repeat the entire process again as much as you want.

Yahar’gul, Unseen Village Blood Echoes Farming Method
For players who are early in the game, Yahar’gul, Unseen Village is not only an ideal place to Power Level, and farm Blood Echoes, but so much more. To begin:

Go to the Hunter’s Dream and to the Doll. From there, go to the Unseen Headstone and travel to Yahar’gul, Unseen Village. This area automatically unlocks after you wake up in prison.

Once you arrive in the area, you will see a couple of tall-bag-carrying enemies (I cannot recall their names) who can annihilate your character only with a couple of hits. What you need to do is to move around the area a little and go down the spiral stairway – not all the way down.

Stand near the stairway and you will see that the tall monsters are a tad too tall to fit through the stairway. Here you need to transform your weapon using L1 and kill both monsters.

After this, go down the stairway to reach the prison. You need to be extra careful in the area as there are a couple of enemies lurking in the area who can kill your character in an instant. Once you deal with the two enemies, head to the prison and you will see another couple of the same tall-bag-carrying enemies.

Let them see you and let them follow you all the way back to where you entered the area. You will, once again, see that they are too tall to fit through the small doorway – kill them too.

After you have killed all four tall-bag-carrying enemies, get killed by a werewolf in the prison and repeat the entire process. If you do not see your Blood Echoes on the location of your demise, kill the enemy with the glowing purple eyes to retrieve them back.

Old Yharnam Blood Echoes Farming Method
In case you are not satisfied with the amount of Blood Echoes acquired by the werewolf method, I have come across another one. By using this method, you can acquire as many as 20,000 Blood Echoes in merely half an hour.

Do note that in order to use this method, you need to defeat the second boss and unlock the Old Yharnam Lantern Checkpoint. In order to get started:

You need to arrive at the Old Yharnam Lantern Checkpoint and cross the bridge. After crossing the bridge, you will acquire 4 monsters in the courtyard. You need to deal with all the enemies before moving to the next section.

Once you are done with the four enemies in the courtyard, go down the steps on the right side and defeat all enemies there as well.

After you are done with all enemies, you need to retrace your steps back to Hunter’s Dream and repeat the same process over and over again until you acquire your desired amount of Blood Echoes.

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