Bloodborne Attire Locations Guide – Attire Sets, Stats, How to Get

Bloodborne Attire locations to help you complete all Attire Sets. Understand all Attire Stats and learn how you can find them in the game.

In Bloodborne, you cannot disregard the importance of your character’s attire. Since attire determines your character’s Defense, Resistance and Mobility; it is as important as your weapon.

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Bloodborne Attire Locations

Following are all Bloodborne Attires, their stats, and how to acquire them:

Ashen Hunter Set
You need to kill NPC Gyula in the Old Yharnam and purchase it using Insight Points from the Hunter’s Dream.

Ashen Hunter Set

Black Church Set
This set is located in the Cathedral Ward. But you need to defeat the Blood-starved Beast to acquire it.

From the Cathedral Ward Lantern, head towards the small cemetery and go up the stairs. From the area, head to your right and go up another long staircase.

Go through the gate to find two enemies roaming in the main courtyard. From the area, take a left and into a small dark alley and find the attire placed alongside a wall.

Black Church Set

Bone Ash Set
This set is purchased from the Hunter’s Dream using Insight Points.

Bone Ash Set

Charred Hunter Set
You need to travel to the section in the Old Yharnam where you encounter a mounted HMG. Head down from the wooden bridge and take a right to land on a rooftop.

You need to go to the far-left corner of this rooftop to see a few ledges going down. You need to use the ledges and drop down into a large house.

The Charred Hunter Set is placed near the exit hole within the house.

Charred Hunter Set

Choir Set
This set is located in the Upper Cathedral Ward. After you go up the large staircase to enter a large house, check the first room and find it on a dead body.

Choir Set

Doll Set
To find the Doll Set, you must unlock the Healing Church Workshop and then find it inside a chest at the Abandoned Old Workshop – in the same area where the Bath Messenger is.

Doll Set

Executioner Set
This set is located in the Forsaken Castle Cainhurst. You need to cross the castle and find an enemy inside the long alleyway. Defeat this enemy, go outside, and turn right to come to a dead end.

You will see a couple of gargoyles standing near the attire.

Executioner Set

Foreign Set
This set is unlocked by default.

Foreign Set

Gascoigne’s Set
This set can be purchased from the Hunter’s Dream using Insight Points.

Gascoign'e Set

Graveyard Set
The Graveyard Set is located in the Forbidden Woods. While roaming through the woods, you will come across a riverbed with a few Snake Enemies.

Keep on following the river until you come across a large Snake Enemy with a large pig enemy on top of a hill. You need to kill the pig and cross the large tree to find the attire on the left side.

Graveguard Set

Hunter’s Set
Come out of the Oedon Chapel using the lower staircase exit to reach a large courtyard. Head right and follow the fenced area to find the Hunter’s Set.

Gehrman Hunter's Set

Knight’s Set
The Knight’s Set is located in the second portion of the library in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. You will find it inside a chest in the back-left corner from the main entrance of the area.

Knight's Set

Noble Dress
The Noble Dress is also located in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. Once you enter the area, head inside the large dining room to find it.

Student Set
This set is found in Byrgenwerth. You need to enter the building and kill the Hunter inside. From here, go up the spiral staircase and take a right to find it near a couch.

Student's Set

Tomb Prospector Set
You can purchase this set from the Bath Messenger.

Tomb Prospector's Set

White Church Set
There is a small village located in the Forbidden Woods. You need to head to this small village and you will see a fire burning near a hidden pit.

Go towards the burning fire and veer left to come across an open gate. From the area, veer right and go up a hill. Continue forward to come across a house with a mounted ravel.

You need to go on top of this house to find the attire on a dead body.

White Church Set

Yahar’Gul Black Set
This set is located under the Yahar’Gul Chapel, on the street level. You need to veer left from the wagon and find continue ahead to come across a courtyard. From the area, check the top of the wagon to find it on a corpse.

Yahar'Gul Set

Yharnam Hunter Set
You can purchase this set from the Bath Messenger.

Yarnham Hunter's Set

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