Bloodborne 2 Already in Development?

Based on a comment from the official Bloodborne Facebook Page it looks like Bloodborne 2 may be in development. Is this really a surprise?

All focus may be on the The Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne, but it looks like rumours are starting for Bloodborne 2 already. Though to be fair it is safe to assume that a sequel to one of the most popular Playstation 4 games is inevitable.

The rumour has been started on Neogaf based on a Facebook conversation that appears to have now been deleted, and you can understand why. Said to be posted by the official Bloodborne Facebook page it appears to confirm that the sequel is in development.

While this won’t be major news to many, the fact that the comment was soon removed just adds fuel to the fire. While I’m sure Bloodborne 2 won’t be seen for a while, especially with the DLC and the fact Dark Souls 3 is coming, I think it is safe to assume that the sequel will come sometime in the future.

As for being in development? Well this should also come as no surprise. Depending on the timescale, this could take years. Therefore “in development” could in fact mean in the design process, actually in the main development phase or somewhere in between. So yes, Bloodborne 2 will probably be coming, just not anytime soon.

What will be more interesting is seeing just what a sequel to Bloodborne will feature. I’m sure fans will be excited by the prospect of a continuation of the adventure, but they’ll also hope that Hidetaka Miyazaki will be working on it, as his focus will be on Dark Souls 3 right now its doubtful he’ll be spending too much time on a Bloodborne sequel just yet.

Are you looking forward to a Bloodborne 2? Let us know your thoughts on it below.

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