Diablo 3 For Switch Might Get Released at Blizzcon 2018

A new rumor has surfaced which seems to suggest that we might be seeing Diablo 3 For Switch as soon as November 2. BlizzCon 2018 starts at 2 November.

Knowing the fact that Diablo 3 is making its way on Nintendo Switch fans of the console and the fans of the game, are now wondering when will they actually see this game. While there have been quite a lot of leaks and rumors, which seem to suggest different dates but taking all of them and this newly surfaced rumor into context, it seems to be that we might be seeing Diablo 3 for Switch as soon as November 2.

Previously, Blizzard did mention that Diablo 3 for Switch might get released sometime near 21st December. Now though a listing by Target has recently surfaced which also suggests that this game, may arrive as soon as 2nd November.

This rumor took hype when it was spotted on a Reddit thread via GoNintendo. However, it might have been ignored, if not the fact that this release date of 2nd November aligns, very accurately with the date of BlizzCon 2018.

As you may very well know that BlizzCon is a major event held by Blizzard Entertainment, in order to promote its major franchises, however, with this rumor intact and the date coinciding with it, it seems like a very probable possibility for the release of Diablo 3 For Switch.

That said do bear in mind that this is just a rumor, even though it is very convincing but never the less, it a rumor and has all the right to be as misleading, as it could possibly be.

With all that said, speculating further it definitely would be a perfect time and place, to roll out Diablo 3 For Switch. An annual Blizzard event, a much-awaited game, and an early date is something that will really add more to the hype. However, as mentioned earlier, this specific date also goes against the revealed listing, which seems to suggest this game to roll out in December.

So, what we can gather is that perhaps, the game might no roll out during BlizzCon 2018 event but similar to Gamescom 2018, we might probably get to see some small fragments of gameplay or definitely, some interesting details.

As at Gamescom 2018, we got to see, the player character and companion moving across a Greater Nephalem Rift. So just maybe we might get to see, some more interesting details this time as well. So if you can’t lay back with this rumors then we would suggest you, to at least not expect it to roll out at BlizzCon 2018 but you can certainly, expect some details.