Blizzard Shuts Down Legacy World of Warcraft Server, Claims Breach of Copyrights

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMO RPGs in the market and hundreds and thousands of gamers play it every day. Blizzard Entertainment has been supporting the game since its launch, however, BLizzard has shut down a fan-run, legacy World of Warcraft server just after few hours it went live.

The legacy World Of Warcraft server in question is the “Felmyst” server which went live to emulate the game’s first expansion pack, Burning Crusade, which launched back in 2007. This legacy World Of Warcraft server was run by Reddit user, Gummy52, who wanted to set a “new standard in Warcraft emulation”.

However, his/her dreams come true but, they were short lived as BLizzard Entertainment issued a cease-and-desist letter just five hours after the server went live. Blizzard claims that the server is a breach of Blizzard’s copyrights.

Also, this is not the first time Blizzard has done something like this, just last year Blizzard Entertainment shut down a World of Warcraft vanilla server. However, Blizzard did tease the possibility of vanilla servers returning but, no progress has been made on that front. According to Gummy52:

The problem with private servers is that there is no middle ground,” Gummy52 continued. “If people expect a server to ‘only’ have 3000 (real) players then they just won’t play and you’ll instead end up with 300, which isn’t playable.

He added that he has a medical condition, muscular dystrophy, which was the reason why he did not stop working on the legacy World Of Warcraft server when Blizzard took a serious stance against the fan-run servers and also the reason why he can’t move the server to another country.

Do you think Blizzard is right to shut down the fan-run servers for World Of Warcraft? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit

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