Blizzard Might Be Working On An Online Open-World RPG

It appears that developer-and-publisher Blizzard Entertainment has an unannounced project in its pipelines.

It appears that developer-and-publisher Blizzard Entertainment has an unannounced project in its active pipelines which may (or may not) be an attempt to cement a brand new intellectual property.

According to job listings (via Exputer) from earlier today, the in-development project will be an open-world first-person role-playing game with deep online and multiplayer elements.

Blizzard for example seeks an associate content designer to come up with “new events and open world content” for the game in question. The content designer will also be responsible for designing role-playing reward mechanics and should have the necessary design experience of working on first-person and online/multiplayer games.

Take note that Blizzard was hiring for an unannounced triple-a multiplayer project earlier in the year with plenty of first-person action in “epic, memorable worlds.” It reasons that the newly spotted hiring is for the same project, which means that the unannounced game is fairly early in development and an announcement should not be expected for at least the next couple of years.

Elsewhere, or at least as far as its games are concerned, Blizzard Entertainment just released Diablo 2: Resurrected, a complete and impressive remaster of the acclaimed classic. The developer also has mobile-only Diablo Immortal on its chopping board as well as the new Diablo 4 which remains in slow but active development.

Not to forget the long-lost Overwatch 2 announcement. The sequel has been delayed and will now be looking for a release window somewhere in 2022. However, there have been rumors that Blizzard might be facing difficulties with Overwatch 2 and players should expect more delays. Considering the lackluster updates from the developer, a 2022 release appears to be a little unlikely.

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