Blizzard President Says No To NFTs After Sending Out Survey

Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Ybarra has confirmed that there are no plans to incorporate Blizzard NFTs.

Blizzard Entertainment has made it clear that it will not delve into blockchain games while asking players about their interest in NFTs at the same time.

According to a YouGov survey (via GameRant) sent out to several players over the weekend, Blizzard Entertainment wants to know how interested players are in emerging gaming trends such as cloud streaming, photorealistic graphics, game subscription services, metaverse gaming experiences, and more.

The section also made sure to ask players about their interest in “play-to-earn gaming” and if they would like to see Blizzard Entertainment introduce NFTs in its games. Such blockchain games would allow players to earn cryptocurrency or real currency through gameplay.

Shortly after the survey went viral, Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Ybarra took to Twitter to assure that the publisher has no plans to launch any NFTs.

The notion fits with several Blizzard developers who are also against adding NFTs to their games. Earlier in the year, senior Overwatch designer Jorge Murillo noted his strong stance against NFTs while assuring that he “will fight to make sure they are not integrated into” Blizzard games.

While the survey does not necessarily mean that Blizzard Entertainment plans to pursue crypto and blockchain games, many fans are concerned that the publisher has at least started entertaining the thought of putting NFTs into its games.

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