Blizzard Jokes About Heroes of the Storm Coming to Xbox One

Heroes of the Storm isn't coming to the Xbox One, but apparently the game might exist on the console.

Some Blizzard employees have apparently been experimenting with an Xbox One version of Heroes of the Storm. However, according to the developer this is just colleagues having fun with their time, and officially, it’s still a no for the game to be coming over to consoles.

“Basically does not exist. But I know that some colleagues have been experimenting, trying to slap the game into an Xbox. Walking around the offices, from time to time, I happen to someone caught with its pad in hand, trying to play. But there is no,” was the statement given during a meeting between and the game’s Senior Artist Phil Gonzales.

Compared to Diablo III, a port of Heroes of the Storm would be a pretty big challenge for Blizzard to overcome. The MOBA genre has specific obstacles when it comes to being played on a controller.

The camera issue, for one, will have to be sorted out. Not every one is a fan of a fixed camera in a MOBA game, and neither does every in-game character benefit from the camera feature.

However, if Blizzard does manage to somehow port over the game to the Xbox One, its user base is going to shoot up over night. Not to mention that the game’s microtransaction model will be generating a large amount of revenue for the developer.

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