Blizzard Is Teasing New Overwatch Content On Twitter; What Could It Be?

Blizzard is now starting to tease what might be a new hero as part of new Overwatch content on Twitter, but what could it be?

Blizzard Entertainment is starting to tease new Overwatch content on Twitter, starting today with a lingering shot of what appeared to be an alleyway and nothing else. While that doesn’t give us much detail, we can at least expect something to come hopefully soon in the future, especially if it’s a new hero.

Blizzard’s last hero, Torbjorn’s daughter Brigette, came to the game on March 20, and that in itself is around four months after the hero before her, the Talon (and former Blackwatch) operative Moira. Considering it’s now June, approaching July, it’s about time that Blizzard has started to get working on another hero. Now, the puzzling thing is what exactly it will be.

The Blizzard Entertainment Twitter post that hinted at the new Overwatch content is of a normal alleyway, with a rather ominous-looking caption of “Calm before the storm.” The alleyway depicted in the Tweet has a number of different posters in the back, such as a “No Bots” poster with a monkey in a space suit. That might allude to the new hero being an ape, similar to Winston.

In the game’s backstory, Winston came from a lunar colony of intelligent apes who killed their human handlers and took over the moon base. If a new ape is coming to the game, they might be related to Winston, but whether they’ll be joining Overwatch or Talon or even remaining rogue is another matter. Various hints in the game have referred to a person named “Subject 8” or “Hammond”, so it might indeed be a new space monkey.

Blizzard will likely continue to talk about this new Overwatch content further into this month and likely the next as well, but who knows when we’ll be getting an actual picture of this new hero sometime in the future. We’ll just have to watch and wait to see what Blizzard turns out.

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