Blizzard Killed The “” Joke, But They Liked It

While the developer is yet to announce Diablo 4 but, Blizzard's lawyers have taken down the redirect joke.

Blizzard Entertainment is not talking about Diablo 4 and seems to be very protective of it. While the developer is yet to announce Diablo 4 but, Blizzard’s lawyers have taken down the redirect joke.

According to the Reddit user, who was the owner of redirect, Blizzard’s lawyers sent a notice that he was committing “cybersquatting and trademark infringement”.

According to the Redditor, Blizzard “did find the joke funny” but, they took it down to “minimize harm” on Diablo 4. He further noted that the lawyers weren’t bullish towards him and want fans to stop attacking Blizzard.

Also, the lawyers only got the owner to redirect the to a Goole search page. It is good to see that a big studio isn’t being rude over Diablo 4 redirect joke and solved the matter in a civilized way.

Speaking of Diablo, fans are asking for Diablo 4 for quite some time. This urge has got even stronger among fans following the disastrous reveal of Diablo Immortal.

However, leaks and rumors suggest that Blizzard Entertainment is indeed working on Diablo 4. According to a recent rumor, Blizzard was originally developing as a Souls-like game with an over the shoulder perspective.

However, this approach didn’t work out for the game and in 2016, the studio scrapped the idea and rebooted Diablo 4. If the rumor is to be believed, then Diablo 4 is in development since 2016. Not only that, Diablo 4 will feature an isometric perspective.

As I mentioned before, Diablo Immortal’s reveal was a disastrous one. However, Blizzard still expects shortsighted fans to give Immoral a chance.

According to lead designer Wyatt Cheng, fans being Skeptic of Diablo Immortal is a good thing. He added that when fans will play it for themselves, they will realize how good the game actually is.

He noted that the reason behind the backlash is the fact that no one got to play the game. He added that when players will play Diablo Immortal, they will realize that it is an incredible game.

We hope to win over a lot of people over time, but I understand that, for people at home, people watching with the virtual ticket, who don’t get a chance to actually play it, that can be very difficult, and so I totally understand where they’d be coming from.

However, all of this fans backlash could have been avoided with a Diablo 4 announcement. Leaks and rumors have not only revealed that Diablo 4 is in development but also revealed the Diablo 4 direction.

According to the report, Diablo 4 is completely open-world and plays like an isometric MMO. Furthermore, the game features complete player freedom. The freedom includes doing whatever quest or activity the player wants to do. The game also features PvP and features a brand new Game Engine.

  • The next Diablo game is going to be fully Open World. All physically fluid in and out like World of Warcraft/Fallout/Assassin’s Creed Oddysey etc..
  • It’s a sequel, Internally there are 2 names that they’ve been bouncing back and forth. Diablo 4 or Diablo: World of Sanctuary. Chance are most likely they’ll stick with Diablo 4 for consistency.

However, given that it is just a rumor, take it with a grain os salt. But, it is high time that Blizzard announces Diablo 4.

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