Bless Unleashed Star Seed Farming Tips

Star Seeds are a premium currency found in the world of Bless Unleashed that allows you to purchase items from the Marketplace, weapon enhancements and self-revives for those tough times with bosses. This guide, will show you how to farm Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed and become rich easily.

Bless Unleashed Star Seed Farming Tips

Even if you get your first thousand Star Seeds from Olvera in Carzacor’s Plaza, it is not quite enough for you to gear yourself up with shiny new armors and weapons.

Now acquiring them swiftly is a challenge for, unfortunately, the process requires you to crunch your precious hours.

The following tips will not only ease you into the Star Seed farming in Bless Unleashed but make it enjoyable and efficient so that you may create your Star Seed Empire in a short amount of time.

First and foremost, prepare yourself for the grind ahead in terms of efficiency.

Star Seed Boosters & the Artisan’s Society

If you have the means, the Marketplace and Lumena Shop respectively will allow you to purchase different types of Starseed boosters.

Keep in mind that you will need Lumina; an in-game currency that you would need to purchase out of your own wallet but you can also use gold to buy the boosters off from the Marketplace but the prices may fluctuate.

The Basic Star Seed Booster amounts to a 20% boost for 30 days which costs about 800 Lumina. The Advanced Star Seed booster amounts to a 40% boost for 30 days as well costing you about 1,500 Lumena.

Furthermore, you can stack the effects of both of the boosters to about 60% efficiency for 30 days costing you a hefty sum of 2300 Lumina. A steep price to pay but if you wish to raise the efficacy of Starseed farming then this is a vital step for it.

The Artisan society will open doors to useful traits that can be utilized in order to farm flora and ores that will aid in your star seed farming ventures.

To join factions, you must first complete the quest known as ‘An Ippin in Need’ that will lead you to aid NPC’s tied to each faction. Continue this till you read Sperios where you will be given the chance to join their ranks.

Sell Lumios Roots

Time to sharpen your sickle and get to harvesting! Now, this is there where that Artisan Society will come to your aid.

The Artisan Society provides a talent called ‘Improved Harvesting’ that will give you an increased, 5% chance, to acquire 1 additional item(s) furthermore, a 1% chance to acquire 2 additional item(s) when successfully harvesting.

It will also help if you adorn armor with a gathering and mining speed buff so that you may harvest these Lumios Root nodes without wasting much time.

A single root is worth 150 Starseed therefore an entire stock will sell for 7500 Starseed (depending on the prices of the marketplace).

Located on the Western hills to the north of the Ancient Amphitheater are patches of grass where several harvestable Lumios Root nodes are scattered.

You may be able to gather a full stack of 50 but if you wish to continue your harvesting ventures then with a simple hop, skip to another channel will cause all nodes to refresh.

Cloth Scraps & Carzacor Treasure Map Fragments

It would be helpful if you had a friend with you throughout this process. If you are solo just pick an area of effect type attacker such as the Crusader or Barbarian because you may need to lead a mob into a cluster to easily cull them for loot.

A staple technique for an MMO veteran, body pulling as they call it but you can go without it as well but the exclusion of this class may slow the process down.

The Cloth Scrap sells for 40 Star Seeds per piece whilst the Carcazor Map Fragments sell for about 110 star seed per fragment (marketplace prices may vary but it is suggested that you list the fragments above the 100 mark).

Travel to Ancient Amphitheater to find clusters of Ferocious Mushrooms who are fighting against Footpads.

What you need to do is simply gather a group of these enemies and eradicate them to acquire different types of loot which will include mushroom caps, gear, potions, cloth scraps and treasure map fragments.

But if you don’t want the mushroom caps simply travel a bit further until you spot roaming bandits. The rate of cloth scrap dropped will be much higher than the mushroom enemies albeit, the rate of Carcazor treasure map fragments will be the same.

Keep in mind that you can sell the extra item(s) such as unbinding scrolls and gears on the marketplace for Starseeds as well.

Carzacor Treasure Map Hunt

During these arduous Star Seed grinding runs, you must have acquired several Carcazor treasure map fragments.

If you don’t wish to sell them then you can indeed go on these treasure hunts for gear, as well as, a chance to obtain a rare horse mount called ‘the White War Horse’ that, in itself, will fetch incredible amounts of Starseeds.

Moving forward, you can also purchase the fragments from the marketplace but be aware of the prices! Some people list these fragments up to 100 Starseeds per fragment, you should follow this example as well but, when buying them make sure the price is under the 100 Starseed mark.

A single treasure map is made up of 8 Carcazor treasure map fragments. To combine these fragments you must talk to the cartographer NPC in any major city. They are usually standing idle near the marketplace NPC and will combine your fragments into a map automatically.

Remember to read the map manually before venturing out as it will mark the location of the Carcazor treasure on your map!

Upon arrival to the marked location, you must make haste because once another player happens on the chest, the loot will be lost to you and you will have to wait for the chest to respawn.

Keep in mind that you can have only 1 map on your person. Once you have found the treasure, you need to go back to the cartographer to create another one. Therefore it is useful to have a lot of fragments on you for a longer ‘treasure hunt’ grind.

What you need to look out for when following these maps, aside from the gear are Memory Gems. Memory Gems have tiers; the higher the tier, the more expensive it will be.

However, what matters most is that they are in high demand therefore, it is a guarantee that they will always sell when you list the item in your shop.

In finality, always be up to date with the marketplace, you can sell almost anything there; from gear, mounts, ore(s) to herbs.

Completing dailies helps as well but remember to stay vigilant and patient in your journey when culminating your wealth.

You may not become a millionaire overnight so don’t be frustrated when the market doesn’t favor you. If you need a hand, don’t be afraid to ask the community. They will always share their knowledge with you and you may find a friend who is willing to help you in your ventures.

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