Bless Unleashed Classes Guide

Bless Unleashed is an all-new free-to-play MMORPG that’s gained quite some popularity. Like every MMORPG, Bless Unleashed has different classes of characters for players to choose from. This guide will introduce you to all the classes in Bless Unleashed to help you out with your first character creation!

Bless Unleashed Classes

Bless Unleashed has five different classes players can choose from. Each of these classes may offer one or two races to choose from to customize your character.

The playable character classes of Bless Unleashed are as follows:

Let’s take a look at what makes each one unique, so have a good idea about which one could be the pick for your first character!


Berserkers are powerful warriors from the Varg race. The primary weapon used by Berserkers is an Axe, and they only engage in Melee combat. Berserkers are slow and sluggish, but hit like a truck, reaching very high damage numbers.

Berserkers, though might seem fun, are better for much more strategic plays and requires high skill and situational awareness.


Priests are the support magicians from Human and Ippin races. The Priest has ranged attacks, and mostly uses support magic. All they hold is a staff for casting spells. Priests shine in groups, as they shield and heal their allies, whilst also dealing damage with their ranged attacks.

Priests play an important role in the team-based setting of the game. A good priest may change the entire course of the game for their team. Priests should hang out at the back of the team and work their magic from there.


The true offensive magicians from Human and Elf races. Mages also come only with a Staff, but their forte lies in dealing heavy AOE damage and ranged attacks. Though Mages lack single target attacks, it makes up for it with the powerful arcane wizardry.

Mages, though ranged characters are best for crowd control. The ranged AOE attacks help in weakening the enemy advances, especially when they are all together.

In the last game, Mage excels in Blessing Potential. Pairing it up with characters that can make the most out of the Bless, makes Mage a true force to be reckoned with.


Skilled Melee combatants from Human and Ippin races. The Crusaders are well equipped with swords as their primary weapons.

One of the most balanced characters, Crusaders are well prepared for every situation. Faster than Berserkers, and moderate AOE and solo damage, Crusaders act as Vanguards of the team.

Crusaders possess the Knockdown Ability, knocking down the enemy helps eliminate them easily with a good team.

Crusaders are balanced and neither shine too much from any side nor lack from any side. This makes Crusaders valuable, as they possess the adaptability to different situations in the game.


Master Archers from the Elf race. With Bows as their primary weapons, Rangers specialize in single-target ranged attacking. Encountering melee characters in 1v1 is almost a guaranteed win for you. Rangers lack in AOE damage and struggle against groups of enemies.

Having multiple Rangers make for a very strong team, as they deal heavy single-target damage.

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