Blair Witch Endings Guide – How to Get All the Endings

Worried about not getting your desired outcome? Check out our Blair Witch Endings Guide to learn how to get all possibilities in the game.

Blair Witch can be best explained as a psychological thriller and its story revolves around Ellis. He has made a terrible and horrifying mistake while working as a PTSD cop. Our Blair Witch Endings guide will teach you how to get all the possible endings and dog scenarios while going through the game.

Blair Witch Endings

The experiences of Ellis and Bullet will depend on the decisions you make while Blair Witch gives you the chance to choose as you are trekking through the forest and in the end, the decisions you make will bring you either of the two outcomes.

Bad Ending: Take his Face
For this ending, the light of the camera will be used to defeat the monsters as they appear. The most important part is when in chapter 17 a woman and Ellis meet. You must follow every instruction they provide you even if you think they are wrong.

Good Ending: Break the Cycle
For this, keep the camera light at a minimum and use night vision along with it. The night vision will allow Ellis to see any monsters that sneak upon him.

You mustn’t at any point kill any monster and if accidentally that happens you need to restart and don’t listen to the lady you meet in chapter 17, don’t interact or answer any of the choices she gives you and just walk away.

There will be a point when she closes the door, you need to open it and walk away again.

The Dog Scenarios
There will be two scenarios about the dog which are the good dog scenario and the bad dog scenario. Bullet will always stay by Ellis’ side, even in the scariest conditions.

Both the endings don’t affect the good or bad dog scenario, these depend on how you treat the dog and can play out with any of the endings.

If you treat the dog well i.e. pet him, give him treats and keep the dog away from spooky stuff then you will get the good dog scenario and if you do the opposite then you will get the bad dog scenario.

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