Closed Crytek Studio Emerges As An Independent Studio

Crytek Black Sea was one of those studios that were closed by Crytek and now it has been reformed as a new studio called, Black Sea Games.

Last month Crytek closed down its five studios due to some financial problems, and Crytek Black Sea was one of those studios which now has been reformed as a new studio called, Black Sea Games.

The studio states that it was formed back in November 2016 which means the studio closure happened much earlier than when Crytek officially announced the closure. The studio has announced that they are working on a new project which they are not ready to reveal yet.

Our mission is to create hard-core games that will entertain you over and over again. We believe the best gaming experiences are coming from challenging the players with meaningful choices while giving them the freedom to create (and share) their own in-game stories. Whether it is a “sandbox” or an “open world”, these are just words. We would know we did our job right, when you feel like: “Ah,… just one more hour”.

Black Sea Games is being led by Vesselin Hanjiev who was the managing director when the studio was under Crytek. It is still unclear that how many of the original Crytek staff have remained to work at the new studio.

The studios were shut down in the aftermath of financial difficulties for Crytek as the company was unable to pay its employees on time. Even one former employee recently started a crowdfunding campaign to sue Crytek.

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