Black Ops: How to Get the Stakeout Shotgun in Call of the Dead

Easily one-shot zombies with this pump-action shotgun in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Shotguns are a popular pick among the Call of Duty: Black Ops players because of their extremely high damage output. But, not all shotguns excel at everything else.

Players who are looking for a decent shotgun on the Call of the Dead with a high damage output with minimal drawback in other areas will find the Stakeout to be their perfect match. Also known as the Ithaca 37, it is one of the best pump-action shotguns in Black Ops

Most of you wouldn’t even know that this shotgun existed in Call of the Dead because it is easily missable and hence hard to find. If you’re one of them, let us tell you where you can find this weapon and why it’s so good.

How to get the Stakeout in Call of the Dead

To get the Stakeout, also known as the Ithaca 37, you have to purchase it from the wall-buy. Though most of the weapons in this map are obtained through their wall-buys, most players miss this pump action shotgun because it is hard to spot.

There are a couple of reasons behind this – the map is quite dark, it’s snowing so it’s hard to see on white walls, and it is located in a corner of the map as well. The Stakeout wall-buy is located on the wall of the small shack right around the Lighthouse.

This is also where you find the Stamin-Up perk, just ahead of the Pack-a-Punch machine in Call of the Dead. After reaching the wall-buy, you have to purchase it for 1500 points.

The Ithaca37 may feel like it costs a lot of points, but the weapon is actually worth it. It has a better bullet spread, mag size, and reload speed than the other shotguns on the map, along with a decent damage output.


The Pack-a-Punched Stakeout is called Raid, which comes with a better and faster reload mechanism, a grip, and a higher magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

It would be wise to spend your points on this weapon early on because it can easily one-shot body-shot zombies before round 15 in Call of the Dead. From round 15 to 20, you may require more than one body shot, but it will still one-shot headshot zombies at this level.

Lastly, it is also more effective because you can buy its ammo from the wall, making it less of an issue, especially in the higher rounds when ammo is scarce.


If you haven’t unlocked anything from the Mystery Box yet, the Stakeout shotgun will serve you as an equally good weapon.

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